Bianca Butti

38 years old Bianca Butti is in an enthralling relationship with her girlfriend Amber Heard. Their love has been flourishing since they were seen together in January holding hands and locking lips together.

The new romance of the duo caught the eye of many people which created a curiosity among their fans. And if you are one of those who are willing to know more about Bianca Butti, her relationship with girlfriend Amber and regarding her job, you have landed at the right place. 

Bianca Butti’s Wiki & Career

Bianca Butti is a multi-talented personality. Both she and her girlfriend Amber Heard belong to Hollywood. Bianca Butti is a cinematographer by profession who is famous for her work on hit VH1 series Love & Hip Hop and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, including several other feature films.

Bianca has not only been able to establish herself as a cinematographer but she is also a writer and director. She directed 2013’s The proprietor.

Along with these, she is also an actress and has appeared in movies like Hank and Asha and Trunk: A Love Story. 

Moreover, Bianca has also worked as a producer and executive producer on five films.

Love Life Of Bianca With Amber 

Bianca Butti and Amber Heard’s dating life is in bloom after their friendship turned into a cute love story. The duo were romantically linked in January when they were spotted being cozy together and kissing each other during a trip to Palm Springs. The duo seems happier than ever by the presence of each other. 

Later, they were spotted buying flowers together on Monday in Los Angeles where they were walking hand-in-hand together.

Amber Heard along with her girlfriend Bianca Butti.

Amid this coronavirus pandemic, Bianca Butti is quarantining with her girlfriend Amber Heard. 

Recently, Amber also had posted a video on Instagram seemingly taken by Bianca captioned as “maintaining social distance by sourcing from my organic orchard”.

On Friday, the pair were also seen sorting out things from Amber’s garage in Los Angeles and making the quarantine productive.

Bianca's Battle With Cancer

Bianca has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. As per the note written by her in GoFundMe in 2019, she was first diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time at the age of 34 and was declared cancer-free after undergoing surgery and rounds of chemotherapy.

But almost 3 years since she was declared ‘cancer-free,' a new tumor appeared in her right breast. She was again diagnosed with cancer for a second time in March of last year.

As the treatments of cancer are expensive and the majority of the procedures are not covered by the insurance, her friends have been organizing the fundraiser on behalf of Bianca.

Their goal is to collect $60,000 out of which they have raised around $19,148 till date.

Net Worth

Bianca Butti has been raising up her talents and is able to establish in the field of entertainment. When it comes to her net worth, it is inside a closed box. However, she has undoubtedly gathered a generous amount of money through her cinematography.

Similarly, the net worth of her girlfriend Amber Heard as of 2020 is $9 million, which she has been able to gather from her work in various movies and TV shows.

Short Bio

Bianca Butti is currently residing in Los Angeles. As per wiki, she celebrates her birthday on February 19. She graduated from the San Francisco State University.

Bianca Butti along with her mother and sister.

She shares a very good bond with her family and is often found sharing a glimpse with them through her social media. She has a sister named Antonia Butti whereas her mother’s name is Silla Butti.

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