Creed Bratton

American actor and musician Creed Bratton is one of the most loved personalities who has been successful in impressing a wide range of audiences through his acting and music. 

Creed is famous for portraying the role of a fictionalized version of himself on the NBC sitcom The Office. Prior to his movies and television series, he also a member of the rock band named The Grass Roots. 

Creed’s Married Life: Wife And Children

77 years old Creed Bratton has been thriving his prolific career but when it comes to his married life it is not as smooth as his professional life. Creed, who is downright talented, has tied the knot twice. 

At first, he married Josephine Fitzpatrick on 1 September 1967. Unfortunately, their married life lasted only for seven years and the duo divorced in the year 1974. 

Two years after the divorce, a new love blossomed in Creed's life. On 29 February 1976, he wedded his new lady love, Claudia Anderson. Their relationship as husband and wife was running smoothly until the year 1983. Creed’s married life with Claudia also did not last long as marriage collapsed on 1 February 1983.

However, despite having two failed marriages Creed is living his life to his fullest.

When it comes to the children of Creed Bratton, he has a loving daughter. His daughter’s name is Annie Bratton.

Creed Bratton and daughter

His daughter Annie married in the year 2015. Creed Bratton also has a granddaughter from his daughter Annie named Isabella.

Net Worth Of Creed Bratton

Creed has been nominated several times for his stunning performances in movies and TV shows.

Moreover, he has also bagged various awards like Gold Derby Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and TV Land Awards in the year 2001 and 2008 respectively for his outstanding performance in the comedy series “The Office”.

Apart from his acting skills, Creed is also a very talented musician. With such talents and skills, Creed has been able to gather net worth more than $3 million dollars.

Early Life And Family Background

Creed Bratton was born on 8 February 1943 in Los Angeles as William Charles Schneider. He grew up in Coarsegold, California.

Creed’s father was a test pilot and during World War II, the airplane in which Creed’s father was working in Hawaii exploded. He was just 2 years old when he lost his father. After the death of his father, his mother remarried. 

From a very early age, he started playing guitar as the music was in the genes of his family. At the age of 17, Creed was professionally making money by playing guitar.

He traveled to Europe as a musician. While he was overseas, he formed a band with his fellow guitarist Warren Entner and bass player Kenny Fukumoto in the year 1966 namely the 13th Floor.

By the year 1967, the band was officially going on with the band name of The Grass Roots. The band consisted of Creed Bratton on vocal and guitar, Rick Coonce on drums and percussion, Rob Grill as the lead singer and on bass and Warren Entner on the rhythm guitar, keyboards and vocal. The group was successful to be in the top ten list in 1967 for their song “Let’s Live For Today”. Since then, the group continued giving hits and their last album was released in 2014. 

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