Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria (Image Source: Hank’s Instagram)

Hank Azaria is an American actor, comedian, and voice actor, well recognized for his appearance in the television series "The Simpsons." "The Simpsons" is an American animated sitcom that has been on the air since 1989. It was created by Matt Groening and followed the daily lives of the Simpson family, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, who live in the fictional town of Springfield. Hank also has appeared in the American most watched TV sitcom Friends as Scientist David, love interest, of the lead character Phoebe Buffay.

Azaria is also known for his philanthropic work. He has supported a variety of causes throughout his career, including the fight against Parkinson's disease and support for the LGBT community. In 2020, he publicly apologized for voicing the character of Apu on "The Simpsons," acknowledging that the character's portrayal perpetuated racial stereotypes.

Where Was Hank Azaria Born?

Hank Azaria was born on April 25, 1964, in Queens, New York City, to Ruth Altcheck and Albert Azaria. He grew up in a family of Sephardic Jewish heritage. He attended Tufts University, where he studied drama and began performing stand-up comedy. Hank’s grandparents were from Thessaloniki and mostly spoke Ladino, known as Judeo-Spanish. His father worked as a dress manufacturer and owned the business, while his mother was a homemaker. Hank grew up with siblings, two older sisters, Stephanie and Elise.

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Hank Azaria with his family

How Much Does Hank Azaria Make Per Episode?

Hank Azaria's salary per episode of "The Simpsons" is not publicly disclosed, and it is unclear what his exact earnings are. However, according to reports, Azaria and other main voice cast members of the show have renegotiated their contracts over the years, with Azaria reportedly earning around $300,000 per episode at one point. It is also worth noting that Azaria is not just a voice actor on "The Simpson," but also works as a writer and producer on the show, which would likely affect his overall earnings. Nevertheless, the exact amount of his salary per episode is not confirmed, and it could vary depending on the specific terms of his contract.

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How Much Is Hank Azaria Net Worth?

As of the internet, Hank Azaria has an estimated net worth of $90 million, with his primary source of income being actor in movies and TV shows. He is managed and represented by William Morris endeavor entertainment. Hank has also endorsed and promoted numerous brands, such as The Skimm and PokerGO. Hank is also active on social media and has over 98k followers on Instagram and 275k followers on Twitter.

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