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Patti Labelle is a perfect example of evergreen talent because even at the age of 76, she still possesses the same beauty and talent that made her win a world-renowned award, Grammy. Patti has always been the sweetheart many knew since she first released her hit single in 1963, "Down The Aisle." Those who adored her were curious about her love life, and soon Patti became a fan-favorite couple with her manager, Armstead Edwards.

If you are a public figure, you are surely afraid of revealing your partner to the whole world, but it wasn't the case for Patti and her husband as the crowd very much liked both. But we all are familiar with the challenges one has to face to maintain a healthy relationship, and many tackle it while others kneel in front of destiny. In the same way, Patti and Armstead weren't lucky enough as other couples, and the duo soon decided to go on their separate ways in 2003. Likewise, Patti and Armstead together have 5 children.

How Many Children Does Patti Labelle Have?

American singer and actress Patti Labelle, also known as Patti, is the mother of 5 children. Among 5 of her kids, she had her first son with Armstead, Zuri Kye Edwards, in July of 1973. Patti was always the considerate and humble person everyone knew, so she couldn't help but adopt Stanley Stocker-Edwards and Dodd Stocker-Edwards out of love. At this rate, Labelle has already been blessed with 3 children, and her house was a lively place with them.

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Son and daughter in law of Patti LaBelle

Furthermore, Patti was depressed after her sister's sudden demise, Jacqueline Holte, but that didn't stop her from carrying out the responsibility as a sister. Soon Labelle adopted her niece and nephew and gave them her name, Stayce Holte and William Holte, as Labelle's, which the Holte siblings are thankful to this day. Similarly, with time her kids grew up and started to move out and get married like any other adults of their age. Likewise, Patti is now a happy grandmother to two of her grandchildren, Gia, Leyla, and Zuri Jr.

Patti Labelle

Even though Patti still keeps in touch with her children daily through different means of communication, it must still be an emotional rollercoaster for her to see her children grow up and happy with their new family. Patti herself knew the difficulty of being a single mother as her mother raised her alone; still, she didn't let the past experiences make any less effort in the upbringing of her children.

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How Old Are Patti Labelle's Children?

Zuri Kye Edwards is the only biological kid of Patti Labelle, who is 48 years old now and works as a talent manager. He is married to an Italian native, Lona Edwards. They have three children, Gia, Leyla, and Zuri Jr. Eldest of 5; Dodd is a pretty famous trainer. He also took the post of Chief Marketing Officer at Dam Good Bodies based on virtual experience. Similarly, Patti's second eldest son, 60 years old William Holte, works at Pattonium Corporation as one of the Personal assistants.

Patti Labelle Daughter-in-law

Moreover, Patti's and Armstead's other son, Stanley Stocker-Edwards, who is 59 years old at present, took working in the field of court as a lawyer. Stanley is located in the District of Columbia Bar for a few years of experience.

Who Is Patti Labelle Daughter?

Patti's only daughter, Stayce Holte, is adopted after her sister Jacqueline's death. Her daughter Stayce is loved and adored by all her family, is now all grown up, and the 57-year-old actively participates in feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. Plus, she also owns an organization established for the betterment of unification among people of different backgrounds, i.e., The Stacey Holte Love Conglomerate Incorporation.

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