Peter Artimiev
Peter Artimiev (Photo Source: Julia's Instagram Story)

Peter Artimiev, better known as Baby Daddy of Julia Fox, is a private pilot at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, a lively neighborhood famous for its nightclubs and restaurant chains throughout the country. Peter is said to hold the nationality of American and belongs to white ethnicity. 

Artimiev is currently in a married relationship with his celebrity wife, Julia Fox, an Italian-American actress widely known for being one of the significant cast for the 2019 film Uncut Gems. In addition, Julia is an award-worthy actress who was nominated for the 2019 Gotham Awards in the category of "The Breakthrough Actor Award." Thus, being linked to a big name, people are curious about Julia's husband's earnings and net worth. So, let's take a quick look emphasizing Peter Artimiev's earnings, net worths, and assets.

What Is Peter Artimiev's Net Worth?

If you have seen one of the most famous movies of 2019, you must be familiar with Julia Fox, the actress of Uncut Gems. In the same way, Peter Artimiev has been able to become one of the non-celebrity personalities where the public is wandering from his whereabouts to his earnings. Unfortunately, even though the media sources were passionate enough to search about Peter Artimiev, they could not find his net worth as he is comparatively less active n social media. However, according to the wiki, Artimiev's wife earns a whopping amount of $30 million net worth. In addition, the actress made a huge fortune due to being involved in several movies, series, broadcasts, and endorsements. Whereas on the other hand Peter's net worth is kept inside a box for now.

Peter Artimiev

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What Is Peter Artimiev's Salary?

Peter and Julia were recently blessed with a beautiful son, Valentino, in 2021. Compared to his actress wife, Julia Fox, Peter isn't that active on social media. Thus, surely his earnings mainly come from him being a professional pilot. Also, he has made a good fortune from making public appearances with his partner and son. Nevertheless, Julia makes a high income, due to which Peter doesn't have to work at all. Fox is an exemplary figure for women's empowerment as she recently made a statement which requires courage, that Peter isn't a good father figure or husband, and left her with all the bills; still, she wants him to return for her son. 

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Peter Artimiev

Fox made a massive impact on the fans after her debut work, Uncut Gems, which eventually led her to receive other offers. Besides being a successful actress, Julia is an accomplished designer. She has a brand of clothing based on a women's knitwear line, Franziska Fox, which is very popular among new generations. Before she was famous, Fox did part-time jobs in stores like shoes, ice cream, etc. Moreover, she has made appearances in many other projects, including feature films, radio shows, as a director, etc. Plus, Julia has a huge amount of followers on Instagram, due to which she has earned some proportion through advertisements and brand deals as well.

Additionally, the salary of a Pilot in the United States is speculated to be around $56,000 to $700,000 but it differs according to the airlines, types of aircraft, and the flying time and route. As we know that Peter is a Pilot by profession but it is unknown if he is still carrying out the profession or not.

What Are The Assets Possessed By Peter Artimiev?

Peter Artimiev is believed to have come from a wealthy household, but it has yet to be revealed if the rumors are true. Nonetheless, the family of Peter is living in a house owned by Julia in New York, which is estimated to be around $2 million. Presently, Julia had been making it to the headlines for her messed-up marriage with Peter Artimiev. Still, instead, now, Fox is the talk of the town after she was spotted enjoying a romantic date with American rapper, Kanye West.

Peter Artimiev

Similarly, in the past few days, Kanye bought a mansion near where his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, lived, and the fans were confused about what the rapper was up to. Meanwhile, some believed that West did so to stay close to his family, whereas the rest believe that the mansion was bought for Kanye's new love interest, Julia Fox, which is estimated to be around $4.5 million.

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