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Lilli Kay is a rising star recently recognized for her appearance in the American TV series Yellowstone. She plays the character named Clara Brewer, which got introduced in episode two of season 5 of Yellowstone. Yellowstone is a neo-western drama TV show which is premiered on Paramount Network. The show is about John Dutton, governor of Montana and safeguard of Yellowstone ranch against Market equity’s plan to build an airport. John is the protagonist who vowed to protect Yellowstone at any cost and is ready to bring the big guns. Now, he has become the powerful man in the show but that has also made him a target for many people in Yellowstone.

Lilli Kay plays the role of Clara, personal assistant to John Dutton at the Montana governor’s office. In an interview with Hello Magazine, Lilli talked about her character and stated that Clara is a political woman but is adapting to ways John does work which is obviously not political. The show has been successfully running for five seasons and hopefully will be renewed for the sixth season. Lilli has also been recognized for her performance in Chambers released in 2019 and the place of No words released the same year. And now is starring in the show called Your Honor.

Who Are Lilli Kay’s Parents?

In 1994, Lilli Kay was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She is 27 years old but the exact day of her birth is not revealed. She belongs to the white ethnicity. Her father is of Italian descent and an Italian immigrant, however, there is no other information about her parents’ names or what they do for a living.

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Lilli Kay with the cast member of Chamber

Lilli is a multi-accent speaker, she can talk in British, Australia, and New Zealand. Lilli is a book lover and spends her spare time reading books. She has a close relationship with her onset family, the Dutton Family. Lilli refers to her co-actor Julia Goldani Telles as a sister. She has a loving personality which leads the audience to adore her character on the screen.

Lilli Kay with her sister Julia Goldani Telles

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How Tall Is Lilli Kay?

As per the wiki, Your Honor actress Lilli Kay has a towering height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 58kg at the age of 27. she is a beautiful and gorgeous woman who has black hair and brown eyes. she is also a guitarist and a skilled alto singer. Lilli knows many dance forms such as Ballet, Jazz, and modern dance, and adores swordplay, stage fighting, and archery. She is an adventure lover and enjoys traveling, horse riding, and equestrian riding.

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