Cassidy Boesch
Cassidy Boesch (Photo Source: Sam's Instagram)

Cassidy Boesch also known as, Cassidy Elliott, is an American teacher, originator, and co-director of The Play Group House, a place targeted for children to open up and socialize with children their age. Similarly, she works at Ulysses S. Grant High School as an English teacher. Furthermore, Boesch is a humble person who likes to invest her time in helping other people, due to which she works hard to raise awareness regarding health and wellness in orphanages and hospitals. Additionally, she runs a club created for women empowerment, Sister Circle Club.

At present, Cassidy Boesch is blissfully married to her boyfriend, Sam Page, an American actor, famous for his roles in Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, etc. As Cassidy is associated with a celebrity figure, many people wonder about her net worth and earnings. Thus, without delay, let's take a quick look at the financial statements of Cassidy Boesch.

What Is Cassidy Boesch's Net Worth?

Cassidy Boesch is a founder of different associations well known in many ways. So, she must have made quite good wealth from it until today. Hence, according to many sources, the net worth of Cassidy Boesch after accumulations through her professions is $950 K. Surely, her income comes from being a high school teacher and participation in other activities. But, conversely, Boesch doesn't have to worry about the fortune part as her husband is one of the popular actors in Hollywood, and he has been cast in many movies and Tv shows, so he must have been paid handsomely. Therefore, according to the wiki, the net worth of Cassidy's husband, Sam Page, is $2 million.

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What Is The Salary Of Cassidy Boesch?

Cassidy has already garnered many years of experience in the teaching field in the past few years. Also, being a counselor is one of the rare yet highly paid jobs, which Cassidy has been doing for a long time. Particularly, she worked at The Maple Counseling Center's Adolescent and Child Therapy Program. Furthermore, Boesch was always a person who wanted to do anything related to taking care of kids. Thus, she established, The Play Group House almost a decade ago. The following program is doing great, and Cassidy has been able to help many families and children through it.

Cassidy Boesch

Although Cassidy isn't as active on social media platforms in comparison to her husband, she makes headlines now and then as she appears in public with her husband and three children often. Nevertheless, Sam makes a high income through his endorsements, brand deals, etc. Also, he must have received a hefty price as a share from his 2015 hit movie, 1915, as it collected a whopping $110,000 from the box office. Additionally, it is estimated that the actor receives an annual paycheck of $19K to $210K.

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What Are The Assets Possessed By Cassidy Boesch?

Cassidy Boesch has been the vice-director and founder of, The Play Group House for over 7 years. Also, she owns an organization that runs to better the present situation of women, especially those who are single mothers. Although moreover it is said that Boesch likes to collect expensive handy bags, there hasn't been any confirmation.

Cassidy Boesch

Furthermore, the couple recently resided in LA when they decided to buy a Coastal farmhouse, which is visually appealing and chic by nature. Besides, they wanted a big house for their big family where toddlers could play freely. Previously, they lived in a house owned at Brentwood. Also, this is their fourth house together, Pacific Palisades which was built in 2002 and covers a 2,800 square-foot of area.

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