Alexander Calvert
Alexander Calvert

Imagine having a flawless face that never ages, and then having a perfect body to cap it off, it is the dream of many people. It's a kind of physique that every people wishes to have but not many people are lucky enough to have it. There is one lucky actor who has such a physique, that actor is not other than Alexander Calvert.

Alexander Calvert is a Canadian actor who started his career in 2005 and is still active. During his career, he has portrayed many characters in many different films. On the CW show Supernatural, he is most recognized for his role as Jack. Not only this, He was young Justin in Kickin' It Old Skool and has appeared in various films and television shows, including Nickelodeon's The Troop, To Be Fat Like Me, and The Dead Zone. 

When Was Alexander Calvert Born?

Alexander Calvert was born on a Sunday in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His birthday is on July 15, 1990. He is presently residing in New York City in the United States. Alexander is from the Christian religion and belongs to the Caucasian race. His parents name is still unknown. He has one younger sister Rachel Calvert and she is his only sibling. He spent most of his childhood with his mother, father, and his sister in Canada.

Alexander Calvert

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How Did Alexander Calvert Start His Career?

Alexander is a seasoned comedian who has been in several films and television series. He made his acting debut in 2005 when he was only 15 years old. As a guest star in the series "The Death Zone", he made his first appearance on TV. Just after one year, he appeared in the episode of "Psych". After that, he did lots of movies and shows. He began performing in advertisements for Mattel toy firm, General Mills American food corporation, and Kohl's, a Universal family shop. Before acting Alexander was interested in dancing and hip hop. He played Lucifer's son in "Supernatural- Season 15".

What lessons did Alexander take?

Alexander was a fan of hip-hop and dancing since he was a kid. He had supporting mom and dad. So, until 2005, he took Musical Theatre and Hip-Hop dancing training. After 2005 he started to be interested in acting. After that, Alexander started his career as an actor. First, he appeared as a guest character, and slowly afterward he started to act in many shows and movies. 

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Is Alexander Calvert Married?

According to various sources on the internet, Alexander is said to be married to his girlfriend Jenna Berman who is a South African model and actress. Alexander supposedly had a large number of photos of her on his Instagram page when they were dating. He once posted Jenna's picture in his account with the caption of "my wife" which fueled the rumors of their marriage. 


In January 2018, he wrote, "Jenna has a new boyfriend," along with a photo of her. Before marriage, Alexander and Jenna dated each other for 4 years since 2014. Currently, he has deleted all her pictures from his Instagram account and has unfollowed each other which has led fans to wonder if they have parted their ways and divorced.

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Is Alexander Calvert Gay?

Alexander dated and said to be married to African actress and model Jenna Berman. So we assume that he is not gay. Even if he were homosexual, it would not be an issue because he has a lot of supportive and understanding supporters. On top of that, his acting ability is excellent. And just because you're human doesn't mean you can't like someone of the same gender. As the phrase goes, love knows no gender, Everyone has the right to like whoever they want. Thus we shouldn't make assumptions about others based on their gender.

What is Alexander Calvert Net Worth?

Alexander is one of the excellent Canadian actors who has played many shows and never fails to put a smile on the viewer's face with his acting. He is also one of the richest comedy-con actor who has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars. His primary source of income is acting. His annual salary is estimated to be $99,109. 

How Tall Is Alexander Calvert?

Alexander is 1.77m or 5.9 feet tall and weighs around 70kg. He has gorgeous ocean-like blue eyes which grab people's attention toward it. Alexander has dark brown hair that is short and straight. He has smooth White skin and a flawless body. He appears to be a tattoo lover since he has several tattoos on his body. He has a round, adorable, and attractive face all at once. Alexander doesn't seem to age at all.

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