Brock Duncan
Brock Duncan (Photo Source: Brock's Instagram)

We all are familiar with the event where we grow up wanting to pursue one aim, but with the time being, our aim changes according to the rapid change in our environment and interests. Comparatively, there is a small number of people who risk it to pursue their dreams as their career after growing up. However, a superstar has made people envious of his achievements at a very young age,i.e., Brock Duncan.

Brock Duncan is an American teen actor widely famous for his role in the action movie Cobra Kai as Zack. Despite being of an early age, Brock is an accomplished Spotify-certified singer, songwriter, and dancer. However, whats's more interesting about Duncan is that he prefers to write scripts and direct movies whenever he has spare time. 

How Old Is Brock Duncan?

Brock Duncan's birthday is on November 5, born in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. So, his age is 13 years. Born on November 5, his zodiac sign is Scorpio, and Brock's nationality is American. In the same way, he belongs to white ethnic background and follows Christianity as his religion.

Who Are The Parents Of Brock Duncan?

Brock took after his parents' path as the actor was born in a family full of entertainers and public figures. Brock was born to his father, Christopher B. Duncan, an American actor known for his roles in The Jamie Foxx Show, The First Family, etc. Previously, Christopher added that he was somehow sad that people still saw him as Braxton of The Jamie Foxx show and didn't focus on what he had to offer of his new side.

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Brock Duncan

Moreover, Before Christopher was married to Judy Duncan in 1987 and soon he divorced her in 2006. After being single for about 1 year, he married Brock's biological mother, Susan Wood Duncan in 2007 and, they have been together till now. Similarly, Brock has two siblings, one sister and one brother, older than him in age. His sister, Charlie Ann Duncan is a model and actress by profession. Also, his elder brother, Miles Duncan is involved, in the entertainment industry as an actor who likes to play video games and taekwondo in his leisure time. 

Is Brock Duncan Highly Educated?

As for the academic training of Brock Dunman, not much information is available. Nonetheless, he played the role of Flounder in The Little Mermaid, a play held at California's Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center.

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When Did Brock Duncan Start His Career?

Brock Dunman was always one passionate kid from start, so when the kids of his age were busy playing and enjoying their childhood, Brock was already on the way to pursuing his dream of being an actor. He started taking singing classes when he was only six, and he taught himself drums and songwriting skills through tutorials and other things.

Brock Duncan

Finally, Brock Dunman debuted in 2017 when he was selected to play the child role of Young Tyler through the renowned DHB Acting Studio. Some of his significant appearances include Hawaii Five-0, Creepshow, and Young Dylan. Conversely what brought, Duncan into fame was his role as Zack in the Netflix movie, Cobra Kai, Karate inspired movie.

Is Brock Duncan Dating Anyone?

The actor is still young and on top of that, he is just a teenager due to which, Brock isn't dating anyone at present, and he also doesn't have a girlfriend. Rather, he spends a lot of time with his cast members and classmates.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Brock Duncan?

Brock was born in a very successful family of elites and he has a very wealthy background. In addition, he hasn't let others think that he is just a rich kid as he has already found success in the entertainment industry without the support of his parents. Thus, according to the wiki, the net worth of one of the most anticipated actors, Brock Dunman is $200,000, to $500,000. 

Brock Duncan

Of course, most of his gross comes from the paychecks after his hard work as an actor. Plus, he is also involved in other activities like scriptwriting and directing which will only add up to his income. He has been at the height of success after his impressive performance in "Cobra Kai" due to which he has been getting many offers, so it can only be guessed that his net worth will only keep on increasing in the coming days. Not to mention, he owns the copyright for his songs uploaded on Spotify. He also lives in his family-owned home in Los Angeles along with his loved one's.

How Tall Is Brock Duncan?

Brock Duncan is a teenager and still at the phase where he is facing a lot of physical growth due to which his physiques may vary with time. Nevertheless, for the time being, he stands at the height of 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm) and weighs about 58 kg (130 lbs). Plus, Duncan has inherited the good features from both his parents, he has curly dark brown hair, and his eyes are slightly blueish-greyish.

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