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Charlie Lenehan (Photo Source: Charlie's Instagram)

If you have an affinity for pop culture, you have heard plenty of Bars and Melody. Charlie Lenehan forms one-half of the famous pop-rap duo Bars and Melody. Charlie Lenehan (Melody) became well-known after appearing with Leondre Devries(bars) on the eighth season of the talent show Britain's Got Talent. The pair initially experienced success when they were just in their teens, and they have been polishing their musical abilities ever since. 

Charlie Lenehan is an English musician, TV personality, and social media celebrity. Lenehan, also known as Ceejay, has nearly half a million  Instagram followers. He is popular among teenagers all over the world. 

How Old Is Charlie Lenehan?

Charlie Lenehan was born in the Gloucestershire county of Frampton Cotterell, England, United Kingdom, on October 27, 1998. As of now, Charlie Lenehan is 24 years old. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Charlie was born to white parents.

His family comprises his mother, Karen James, his stepfather, and a younger sister, Brooke. According to the wiki, Charlie's mother is a school cook at  Thornbury at Gillingstool and New Siblands schools and his step-father is a businessman. According to some online sources, he also has another half-sibling named Joel.

Charlie Lenehan with his step-father.

Where Did Charlie Lenehan Go To School?

Charlie Lenehan began attending Winterbourne Academy in Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire, England, the United Kingdom, at the age of 11. As soon as Britain's Got Talent came to an end, he went back to school. Charlie had a passion for singing and playing music while in school.

Are Bars And Melody Still Together?

Almost a decade after competing on Britain's Got Talent, Bars and Melody are still performing together. Charlie Lenehan received several compliments on his singing at school, so he started posting videos on YouTube. Charlie and Leondre Devries created the band Bars and Melody after meeting on Facebook in 2013. Early in 2014, B.A.M performed at the audition for the eighth season of "Britain's Got Talent," singing a cover of Twista and Faith Evans' song "Hope" with their own verses in place of the original lyrics that opposed bullying and the song peaked at Number 5 in the UK charts. They finished the show in 3rd place, and they were given a £500,000 offer by Simon Cowell to join his record label. 

Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devires performing at a concert.

Their debut album, 143, was published in 2015, and they've continued to create songs since then. They have released several singles, such as teenage romance, Bali, medication, keep smiling, and dumb, as well as the albums generation Z and sadboi. Charlie and DeVries traveled to the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Japan, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland to promote their albums. Charlie's most insane trip was the big European tour.

Is Charlie Lenehan Married?

No, Charlie Lenahan doesn't have a wife. He was dating Swiss social media star, Ana Lisa Kohler. They began dating in 2018. His previous partner was British social media star, Chloe Lindsay whom he dated from 2015 to 2017 and was also in a relationship with Gabby Smith.

Does Charlie Lenehan Have A Baby?

Charlie and his girlfriend welcomed their daughter Delilah on June 29, 2022. While the exact details of the baby mama is concealed for now, rumors suggest that his former partner Gabby Smith is the Charlie Lenehan baby mama. Charlie asserted that he had always desired to be a father. He frequently shares adorably captioned photos of his baby on Instagram. 

Charlie Lenehan with his daughter

What Is The Net Worth Of Charlie Lenehan?

Charlie Lenehan has a net worth of $2 million. He makes living as a singer. Charlie and Leondre are also aspiring business owners who market authentic B.A.M goods including bags, sweatshirts, notepads, mugs, and T-shirts. 

How Tall Is Charlie Lenehan?

Charlie lenehan’s height is 5 ft 8 in or 173 cm. He weighs 68 kg. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. Additionally, he has tattoos on his chest, neck, and arms. 

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