Crispy Concords
Crispy Concords (Image Source: Crispy’s Instagram)

In today’s generation and era, Youth are very creative and talented. They have built a huge career by gaming and using social media. Now Gaming on mobile and Laptops is not just a time pass but a career that can lead to huge success. Online Gaming is now treated just as any other sport, many tournaments, and competition takes place and players are sponsored just as any other physical Game. Today we are talking about Crispy Concords who is a famous gamer and social media personality.

Parker Stevens known as Crispy Concords is an American YouTuber, Social media influencer, and Gamer best recognized for his games and reaction video content on YouTube.

Where Was Crispy Concords Born?

On October 31, 1996, Crispy Concords was born as a Scorpio to Mr. and Mrs. Concords in New York, United States. Crispy has not revealed anything about his family or parents, except that his birth name Parker was his grandfather’s name who passed away before his birth. Crispy went to a private school in New York for early education.

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Crispy’s real name is Parker but while shooting a video with his friends, He discussed and decided to use a funky name as his screen name. 

What Is Crispy Concords Famous For?

Crispy Concords is a famous YouTuber and social media persona. He started his career by creating a YouTube channel on September 2, 2012. But did not post any videos on his channel for a year. Crispy then started uploading reaction videos of funny moments which resulted in earning him some subscribers and followers.

Crispy made gaming content after the rise of Fortnite. He has tons of videos on his channel which has gained over 15 million views. Most of his audience comprises youngsters and teenagers. Now, Crispy’s videos contain most of the Call of Duty franchise and funny reaction videos. Crispy has a secondary channel named Extra Crispy where he posts the behind the scene videos of his main channel videos.

In 2022, Crispy teamed up with a Platinum recording artist named bbno$ and created a song in only an hour. Crispy had always been invested in making music but his dream was overshadowed when his YouTube channel started to grow.

Whom Is Crispy Concords Dating?

Crispy Concords is currently dating Kate, a girl he met online on Omegle. Crispy and his girlfriend have been together from 2019 till now. In a video on his channel, Crispy pranked his subscribers and audience by acting as if they split and broke off their relationship. Crispy now resides in Austin, Texas with his family and partner. 

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Crispy Concords with girlfriend Kate

Crispy dated a girl named Rachel in 2010. Both dated for about 7 years before parting away in April 2017.

What Is Crispy Concords’ Net Worth?

As of the wiki 2022, Crispy Concords has an estimated Net Worth of $100,000 to $1 million with his major source of income being YouTube and Gaming. Crispy’s milestone in past years on YouTube was that he reached 100,000 subscribers on July 14, 2016, then reached a million subscribers on August 16, 2018, and reached 2 million subscribers on April 1, 2021.

Crispy Concords celebrated reaching a million subscribers on YouTube

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Now He has 2.66 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with 311 million views. Crispy is also available on social media and has 212k followers on Instagram, with 153k followers on Twitter. Crispy has a Discord community called Crispy Discords with 120,680 members. Crispy has also promoted brands on his social media including the Puma Sport Style.

How Tall Is Crispy Concords?

Crispy Concords has a slim body type with a huge height of 6 ft and weighs 73kg at the age of 25. Crispy has a slender frame with an affable smile and light brown eyes. He has a side-cropper and wavy dark brown hair.

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