Geno Segers
Geno Segers (Image Source: Geno's Instagram)

Native Americans are the indigenous people of the Northern American content, also known as American Indians. They have their unique traditions, languages, belief, and ways of living their life. Since the arrival of European explorers who took their lands and forced them to relocate, the Native Americans have been displaced and turned into a marginalized group. They have been deprived of their rights; however, now, after years of effort, Native Americans are now seen growing in every industry.

And today, we will learn about a Native American actor who has successfully made his career in Hollywood. Lonnie Geno Segers Jr. known as Geno Segers is an American actor who is recognized for his role in the TV series called Banshee as Chayton Littlestone.

Where Was Geno Segers Born?

On November 28, 1976, Geno Segers was born to Lonnie G. Segers Sr. and Sandra Eldridge in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. Geno has not revealed any further details about his parents or any other family member, although we know he has siblings, and Geno is the oldest among them. Geno is of Native American descent. During his high school and college years, Geno was an American Football player, wrestler, and track athlete. Geno was sent to Western Carolina University, where he used to play football.

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What Are Geno Segers’s Career Peaks?

Geno Segers rose to fame after being cast in the American Western movie called Bone Tomahawk as a Major antagonist named Boar Tusk released in 2015. He entered the acting industry after his friend suggested he audition for voice ads at a New Zealand radio station. And since then, Geno has been in the industry, which leads him to his major debut role in the Australian production and Chinese Production of The Lion King as Musafa. Geno was cast in the neo-western drama series called Yellowstone as Danny Trudeau. Recently, He appeared in the musical comedy TV show called Perfect Harmony as Dwayne.

Geno Segers in the movie Perfect Harmony 

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Who Is Geno Segers Married To?

Geno Seger is very secretive when it comes to his personal life; we don’t have any indication that suggests that Geno is married so he doesn't have a wife. However, He is dating his best friend and long-time partner, Ria Cann, since 2011. They often share pictures of them together on each other’s social media platforms.

Geno Seger with his partner 

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Geno often takes Maria on surprise trips to different places, such as at Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas, and on every possible business trip. Geno and Maria have been going strong for more than 12 years. There is no information about Geno and Maria getting married soon or them having children. They are content and happy with the life they have built for themselves.

How Much Is Geno Segers Net Worth?

Geno Segers’s wiki suggests that he has an estimated net worth of between $100,000 to $1 million, with his major source of income being the salary earned as an actor in movies and TV shows. Geno has also appeared in several TV commercials and worked as a voice actor in different animated movies and TV shows. Geno has also endorsed different brands and has become a successful social media personality. Geno has 1.55k subscribers on YouTube and has his own series called Geno Serger, with 50 released episodes. Geno has 38k followers on Instagram, 21k followers on Twitter, and 7.7k followers on Facebook.

How Tall Is Geno Segers?

Geno Segers has an athletic body build with a towering height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs around 80 kg at the age of 44. Geno is a fitness enthusiast who goes to the gym on a daily basis and follows a routine diet to maintain his fitness. Geno’s physical features consist of black coloured hair and brown-coloured eyes.

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