Iris Apatow
Iris Apatow (Photo Source: Iris's Instagram)

It is no surprise that many grow up wanting to be like their parents or develop in an environment where they begin to progress the motto of their life. In the same way, we can see that many emerged talents are getting opportunities, but some of them do not last. Similarly, Iris Apatow is a personality who has proved her worth by being a sensation at such an early age, tackling all the hardships.

Iris Apatow is an American actress who can be seen in movies and Tv shows such as "This Is Love", "Knocked Up", "Funny People" and "Love" to name a few.  Comparatively, Iris is well-known for being part of Arya Hopkins in Love, an original Netflix series. Apart from that, she has also debuted as a voice actor in multiple animations. Still, she made the audience in awe in 2016 when she voiced multiple characters within one animation movie, "Sausage Party."

How Old Is Iris Apatow?

Iris Apatow's birthday is on the 12th of October, and she was born in 2002 in Los Banos, California, United States. So, her age is 19 years. Born on the 12th of October, her zodiac sign is Libra, and her nationality is American. Nevertheless, her ethnicity is Caucasian and follows Judaism as her religion.

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Iris Apatow

Who Are The Family Members Of Iris Apatow?

Undoubtedly, her parents are one of the power couples in the entertainment industry. Her father, Judd Apatow, is a movie director, comedian, and producer who has directed some great movies like Funny People, Knocked Up, This is 40, etc. Whereas her mother, Leslie Mann, is an actress who is mainly known for her roles in Funny People, This is 40, Blockers, etc.

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The couple has been together for more than 22 years, and they have worked together on multiple projects as well. But, recently, rumors surfaced that Judd and Leslie are likely to get divorced soon when media witnessed the couple having arguments outside a restaurant. Without delay, Judd responded that having a dispute is also a sign of healthy marriage and that the people should stop searching for loopholes in their marriage as the couple is still in love like they are recently married.

Iris Apatow sister

Likewise, Iris Apatow has an elder sister known as Maude Apatow, born on December 15, 1997. Maude is also an American actress and has starred in the famous HBO series, Euphoria. Similarly, both Apatow's sisters made their debut through their parent's movie, Knocked up and Charlotte, in 2007.

Where Does Iris Apatow Go To School?

As per the sources, she was enrolled in a private college in California known as Crossroads Schools for Arts and Sciences. Later on, she studied at Northwestern University with a theater major. Afterward, she was very active and participated in several musicals in her high school, but she decided to stop her studies after her second year.

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When Did Iris Apatow Start Her Career?

Iris Apatow was first seen in the filming sector when she played the daughter of her real mother, Leslie, in the movie "Charlotte." Plus, she has partnered with her parents in more than 3 movies, along with her sister, ' This is 40', which was a huge success. Among her many roles, the character of 'Arya Hopkins' in the series, 'Love' really made her shine, and her performance was even praised by many people. Thus, her popularity grew even more and she was even nominated for the "New Female Lead" award. Iris has even appeared in a music video called 'Sonora' for Spendtime's Palace. 

Is Iris Apatow Dating  Anyone?

It is common for public figures to get into dating scandals with one another. However, Iris Apatow was never involved in a rumor until June of 2019. To be precise, Alfie Honen-Weber, son of actor Steve Weber uploaded a photo with Iris Apatow.

Iris Apatow

Basically, Alfie captioned the photo with hearts, and Alfie and Iris hugged each other, which caused a lot of fuss among the public. Similarly, Iris also uploaded a photo with Alfie on November 27, 2019. However, neither Iris nor Alfie confirmed the dating rumor from their side. Although many sources speculate Alfie to be Iris's boyfriend, it was uncertain if they were dating.

Iris apatow boyfriend

As valentine's week hit off, Iris's relationship has been made Instagram official by her boyfriend Ryder Robinson. On February 14, 2022, Robinson posted a series of pictures with Iris with a simple heart emoji as a caption. Their first picture featured Robinson planting a smooch on his girlfriend Iris's cheek. 

As the pair debuted their budding relationship, they were even supported and appreciated by their parents. Robinson is the son of American actress Kate Hudson and her former husband Chris Robinson who is an American musician. 

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What Is The Net Worth Of Iris Apatow?

Iris Apatow was born to a successful father and mother, due to which she has been living a prosperous life since she was a child. However, instead of taking it for granted, Iris did go through the struggle and made her parents proud by being one of the most anticipated new faces in films and tv shows. According to the wiki, one of the most anticipated young actresses, Iris Apatow, has a net worth of $75 K and most of her earnings comes from being a professional actress.

How Tall Is Iris Apatow?

Iris Apatow stands at 5 feet 7 inches (169 cm) and weighs around 48 kg (106 lbs). She has green eyes, and her hair is naturally blonde. Being a teenager, we like to try a lot of new things, and what's more, Iris has a tattoo on her right hand near her wrist.

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