Laura Sohn
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In this 21st century, with the modernization of every sector, more and more opportunities are being provided despite gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Meanwhile, this inclusiveness among nationalities has made it possible to showcase their talents on international platforms. Among many new faces, Laura Sohn is one of them.

Laura Sohn is an American actress who is originally from Asia. Laura is famous for being part of renowned movies and series such as NCIS: New Orleans, Instinct, and The Blacklist, to name a few. Even though many doubted whether Laura was capable of withstanding the struggle and challenges in the entertainment industry, she has sustained and proved her hard work through her popularity in recent years.

Where Was Laura Sohn Born?

Laura Sohn whose age is 28 years at the moment, celebrates her birthday on 1st August and she was born in 1993 in New Jersey but raised in San Fransisco, United States of America. Similarly, even when there have been speculations about Laura's originality, her nationality remains American, and she follows Christianity as her religion. However, she can speak Korean fluently other than her native language and she feels honored to be Asian.

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Laura Sohn

Who Are The Parents Of Laura Sohn?

The rising star is familiar with the entertainment sector and what comes with the cost of fame, so she hasn't specified or mentioned her parent's pieces of information to the public. But as we took a stroll around her social media, we discovered her mentioning the name "Stella Sohn" who is likely to be her mom. Other than that, the public is only familiar that even when her family background is Asian, they have continuously resided in the United States ever since Laura was aware. Meanwhile, it is still unknown whether the beautiful actress has any other siblings or is an only child.

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As per her academic training, Laura Sohn is an eligible individual who enrolled in a local private school for her secondary level of education and later decided to study at a high school in the United States to continue her studies. Similarly, Sohn graduated from Rutgers University, whereas her major is still unknown.

When Did Laura Sohn Kick Off Her Acting Career?

Laura Sohn, like anyone else, has been interested in acting and the entertainment industry since she was a small child. So, Laura began her career path as a model but started participating in theatrical plays later. Before the fame, Sohn's acting career first started when she was featured in " The Blacklist" in 2013. Similarly, Laura was cast in a 2014 movie named NCIS: New Orleans. She is also well-known for her role as Wang Fang in The Wampire Leland movie of 2016 and the 2018 movie, Instinct.

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Laura Sohn

Does Laura Sohn Have A Husband?

Laura Sohn is indeed said to be a person who likes to maintain her personal life confidentially. She talks less about her private life because Laura prefers the public to focus on her acting. Thus, she hasn't considered dating anyone from the industry nor there has been any news of her romantic affairs. But we do know that she is not married. However, the media has been disappointed as the outlets are unable to reveal the past romantic relationships of the actress. 

Laura Sohn

Despite this, her fans appreciated the on-screen romance of Laura Sohn as Alina Park and her on-screen husband Peter. Not to mention, the filming of the all-time public's choice, The Blacklist, has been resumed in October after the cliffhanger from season 8. Meanwhile, many fans were raging in anger when the series showed the sudden death of Peter. However, the new season may be the rise of hope for the followers of "The Blacklist" as the news of Colby Lewis to recur as Peter to support and protect made headlines.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Laura Sohn?

With the struggle that comes from competing in the entertainment industry, there are several perks as well. Among them, having a handsome amount of earnings is one of them. Hence, according to the wiki, one of the most prominent actresses of all time, Laura Sohn, has a net worth of $100 thousand. Her monthly earnings are estimated to be around $20 thousand. Of course, her gross mainly comes from being a professional actress and from other endorsements.

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