Elevated Cinematic Experience

Despite all of the technology that is available to use in our homes today - surround sound and quality pictures - there is nothing that quite beats going to the cinema for many.

Going to the movies has always been an experience and one that many like to enjoy. It is an activity that many get excited to enjoy whenever the latest box office hit is released. While the story and action that is portrayed are always the main point, most enjoy the sounds that are created, too.

Sounds play a huge role in creating an incredible movie experience

The sounds that can be felt and experienced as part of the cinematic experience can often leave an incredible impact on the viewers. We all know how sounds can be used to evoke emotions in us as individuals, with certain beats and tones able to make us cry uncontrollably in a sad situation or bounce with joy when something good happens. However, they can do so much more.

Elevated Cinematic Experience

Sounds can have a lasting effect on the audience’s mind, with some being synonymous with the movie itself. There can be iconic sounds that are created because of certain instances that happen in the film, or there can be soundtracks that can become memorable with the film because of their usage.

The impact that they have had has become something that most filmmakers recognize, which is why they have gone to extreme lengths to make sure they are able to give the paying audience the cinematic experiences that they are keen to obtain.

The usage and importance of sound effects have also been significant in amateur productions, though. There have been many wannabe professional filmmakers who have gone to great lengths to create an audio experience that would be akin to the ones that can be achieved by films created in Hollywood, as they recognize their importance and how much they contribute to the level of entertainment that can be obtained.

What are the 10 most iconic sounds to have been created?

Naturally, it is going to be a list that is subjective and is going to create discussion, but these are 10 of the most iconic sounds to have been created that have been able to elevate the cinematic experience for so many audiences globally.

1. Darth Vader’s breathing and theme song

The Star Wars franchise is home to numerous iconic sounds, but there may not be too many from the series that are as famous as Darth Vader’s breathing or his theme song, “The Imperial March”. These are synonymous worldwide with the Sith Lord, and are known by everybody, even if they have never seen one of the movies.

Elevated Cinematic Experience

2. Lightsaber sounds

Aside from Darth Vader’s iconic sounds, the sound of a lightsaber is also iconic across cinema. The hum that has been used when it lights up, as well as the sound of them clashing together in fight scenes, are memorable.

3. T-Rex’s roar

Jurassic Park is an iconic franchise, with the T-Rex’s roar being one of the most memorable sounds to have been made. The sound designer combined sounds from other animals and mixed them all into one to create the dinosaur’s incredible roar that ripped through cinemas during its release.

4. Transformers transforming

The Transformers franchise features an iconic sound, as everyone knows what it is when they hear it. The mechanical elements combine as the transformers transform from one form to their robotic selves.

5. The click of the Predator

Predator was a memorable film for many reasons, but the titular character’s clicking noise is perhaps one thing that stands out. The sound was made by reversing the sound of a water droplet and then having its pitch being altered, thus allowing for an eerie click to be formed.

Elevated Cinematic Experience

6. Alien Tripod noises

War of the Worlds is another film that uses aliens and features some iconic cinematic sounds. The noises used to create their horn were effective in making audiences feel uncomfortable, as everyone was left on edge when they heard it.

7. Wilhelm scream

A sound effect that has been used in multiple cinematic releases and can often be used in amateur productions, too, the Wilhelm Scream is one of the most famous sounds to have been used. This scream is high-pitched and can leave viewers questioning what might happen next when they hear it.

8. Regan’s voice

The Exorcist is arguably one of the top horrors to have ever existed, and the sounds used contribute largely to that opinion. The voice used for Regan when he is possessed is iconic, as it creates one of the most haunting voices to have ever been heard.


Inception was a film that would leave many confused with what was happening, which is arguably what makes it memorable. However, those who watch it will remember the “BRAAAM” sound used by Hans Zimmer to create tension and anticipation in the movie.

10. The TV in the Ring

Regardless of whether you have watched the film in its entirety, everyone will recognize the scene in The Ring that involves the TV. While it was disturbing visually for many, the sounds used to create the crackling of the screen and its white noise lived long in people’s heads.

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