Dana Perino
Dana Perino (Photo Source: Dana's Instagram)

George Murdoch shares a video of the daughter whom he parents along with his beloved wife, Ingrid Rinck.

Nobody can escape the charms of Dana Perino, not even the little princess of famous American wrestler, George Murdoch.

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) fighter and Fox News contributor, 49, shared a video on Instagram showcasing his Second-grader Daughter proudly choosing Dana Perino to be a part of her school project.

In the clip, Dana Perino who was LIVE during a commentary for Fox News shared with her other 4 colleagues that she would like to mention Tyrus and his daughter, a Second grader, Georgie Jane.

Dana Perino

Then Perino proceeded to tell the audience that Georgie had a school project called ‘Wax Museum Day,’ where the little one had to dress up and talk about a historical famous figure.

As soon as the co-host, commentator, author, ‘Dana’ came to know that Jane had chosen her for the special topic, Perino without any hesitation initiated a zoom call with the fellow wrestler and his kid.

During the call, the little Georgie proud yet nervously showed cardboard or chart filled up with Dana’s pictures, and on top of that she also replicated the perfect attire of Dana Perino. Because Georgie showed up in a hair split and tied at the back and was wearing a 2 piece black dress with white linings.

Georgie Jane

Not only that, but Dana went on to compliment how Georgie had perfectly studied her and completed her assignment. She then ended her video message with ‘Congratulations and Thankyou Georgie!.’

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On March 25, 2022, George reposted the video of Dana mentioning his daughter. ‘Best one more thing ever! Georgie did her school project on the wonderful @danaperino we are so grateful she took the time to let Georgie interview her for her 2nd grade famous American,’ he captioned the post along with hashtags like #tyrus #secondgrade #thefive. Dana had also interviewed George in the past.

Dana Perino

Dana has long been regarded as one of the most powerful women in the world, and she is currently known as an "impact anchor." Perino, as a lady with abilities and charisma, has found success as both an anchor and an author. She published a book titled "Everything Will Be Okay" in 2021. It's not just any book; it's a collection of life lessons for young ladies (From a Former Young Woman).

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In fact, Not only was Perino unaffected by the sexual scandal that made the company, Fox News feel threatened about five years ago, but she also proudly stood as an antithesis to former Fox personality Bill O'Reilly in 2017. While many individuals her age would avoid any issue, Dana is self-assured and speaks her thoughts, which may explain why she has persisted in the profession when many people her age have been replaced by younger personnel.

Of course, like Georgie Jane, who wouldn't find Dana Perino inspirational, and the impact that Dana has can be concluded how she has maintained a role model image even to a second-grader.

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