Tyrus (George Murdoch)
George Murdoch aka Tyrus (Photo Credit: Tyrus's Instagram)

American professional wrestler George Murdoch aka Tyrus who is known with many other ring names such as Brodus Clay and Monster is happily married to his beloved wife Ingrid Rinck. Although they kept things relatively low-key, to begin with but once they made their relationship public, they both were seen embracing their family and supporting each other in every step of their life.

If you follow either of the duos’ on their social media, then you may have come across several cheerful pictures of their family. However, their initial journey as parents or partners wasn’t that smooth. Prior to meeting Tyrus, Ingrid had faced a failed marriage alongside struggling with weight issues caused by anxiety and depression. She also had already become the mother of 2 children with her previous partner. Nevertheless, as Ingrid has now begun a new life with her new husband Tyrus, they were also blessed with a daughter and the duo is parenting all the children together. 

How Many Kids Does Tyrus Have?

Fox News commentator and Wrestler George Murdoch aka Tyrus is the father of 5 kids in total: one his own daughter with his wife Ingrid Rinck, a son and a daughter with his previous partner, and 2 other step-sons. As mentioned earlier Tyrus’s wife Ingrid had already given birth to 2 sons before meeting him. She first gave birth to her son Rhett who was later joined by her second son named Rock. Likewise, Tyrus and his wife Ingrid together welcomed a baby girl named Georgia Jane on 7th May of 2014.

George Murdoch children.

Similarly, Tyrus children list also consists of a son and daughter whose complete details are yet to be revealed. However, it is known that his own son is 11 years old as of 2023. Furthermore, Tyrus is often seen spending time and playing golf with his first son and daughter. Moreover, according to his Instagram post of January 2021, Tyrus revealed that he doesn’t get to see his first son and daughter every day and months pass by without seeing them in person due to various circumstances.

However, as the world has been more innovative and more convenient with the enhancement of technologies and the internet, Tyrus does stay in touch with his 2 kids via facetime. Dropping his kids off is the hardest thing in the world for him. In addition, Tyrus also considers that being a real father with no reference is one of the toughest challenges and greatest rewards.

Insight Into Tyrus Children

Tyrus is rough and tough on the outside and soft on the inside. He is a family man and if you follow him on his social media you might be acquainted with the way he expresses love for his family. Likewise, Tyrus children are also one of the most searched topics on the internet. As previously mentioned the father of 5 kids, Tyrus is often seen supporting his wife and their beloved daughter Georgia.

However, when searching about Tyrus kids, his other 2 children barely make appearances on his social media. While his other daughter is seen working out with her stepmom and learning cooking skills with her step-sister, his son, on the other hand, has hardly made any appearance on his father's social media. 

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How Old Is Tyrus Daughter?

Tyrus’s second daughter Georgia was born in the year 2014 so, as of 2023, she is 9 years old. As Georgia celebrates her birthday on 7th May every year her zodiac sign is Taurus. Georgia is her daddy’s little girl and Tyrus refers to her as his princess. Furthermore, Tyrus also believes that no matter how busy or stressed someone is, as a parent we should always make time for the kids.

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Tyrus wife and children.

While the identity of his second daughter is completely revealed, it is still a mystery when his first daughter and son were born. Nonetheless, despite their details yet being revealed their pictures can be found on the Instagram of Tyrus. 

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Who Are Tyrus Step-Sons?

Tyrus’s wife Ingrid shares 2 sons with her previous husband. She first became a mother to her eldest son Rhett. Rhett was then joined by his younger brother Rock. Rhett is a high school graduate who graduated from Mandeville high school in May 2021. Ingrid’s second kid Rock is a type 1 diabetic child who was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes back in 2014 when he was just 8 years old. Further, in October 2020, her other son Rhett also underwent MCL, ACL, and meniscus surgery as they were pretty much torn in half.

George Murdoch sons.

Looking back as a kid, Tyrus grew up in an unstable household where he was even abused physically by his stepfather. He was abandoned by his family and during his teenage days, he reunited with his mom. But he reunited in such a place where drugs and alcohol were more easily available than food. So, he advises kids who are growing up in broken families to open up to someone if they are being mistreated. 

Tyrus was later adopted by foster parents and he is grateful for them who took him in when his family abandoned him. So, Tyrus has the utmost respect for foster parents who acknowledges and raises other people's kids.

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