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Joe Locke (Photo Source: Joe's Instagram)

Joe Locke is a British actor widely known for his portrayal of Charlie Spring in the 2022 Netflix coming-of-age TV series, Heartstopper. The series is directed by Alice Oseman and it consists of other rising stars like Sebastian Croft, Kit Connor, Yasmin Finney, Joseph Balderrama, and Rhea Norwood, to name a few. Similarly, even though Joe has just found the breakthrough in his career, he has always been believed to be one of the most foreseen actors.

Joe, too, has a very supportive family, and he frequently posts images of himself and his family, particularly his mother. As a result of his success in both his personal and professional lives, people frequently inquire about Locke's love life. So, without further ado, let's take a brief look at Joe Locke's dating life and relationship.

Is Joe Locke Gay?

In general, when it comes to discussing one of the most delicate subjects in today's culture, LGBTQ+, Joe Locke is quite outspoken. In the same vein, Joe argues in an interview with Attitude in April of 2022 on behalf of LGBTQ youths and his character Charlie in Heartstopper, the on-screen boyfriend of Kit Connor who was a target for homophobic bullies. In precise Locke said that the reflects on the types of LGBTQ narratives that the media portrays for them is misleading and that people from the same community deserve happiness. He went on to say that everyone is free to be happy, regardless of their identity or sexuality.

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Joe Locke

Moreover, Joe is a quiet and geeky yet the sole openly homosexual student in an all-boys grammar school in Alice Oseman's graphic novel-based series, Heartstopper, and in real life too, Joe is openly gay. 

Although Joe never specifically stated his sexuality, but he knew he was following a different path at the age of 9. However, in an interview with Teen Vogue, Joe revealed that he has been openly gay since the age of 12.

Joe did receive support from his family and friends and he respects the sacrifices made by them. 

However, in the digital era negative voices and trolls are often made online which stress people out but Joe does not care about internet troll or opinion if he does not know you and it won't upset him. 

Joe Locke's relationship status is similarly unknown; nevertheless, his fans assume that he is dating Sebastian Croft. Apart from that, nothing is known about Locke's prior girlfriend or relationships, if he has had any.

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Who Is Joe Locke’s Partner?

The great attention received by coming into the spotlight is overwhelming for celebrities sometimes due to which like many people, Joe Locke doesn’t talk about his dating life in public. Nonetheless, rumors suggest that Joe is currently in a romantic relationship with his fellow actor from Heartstopper, Sebastian Croft. Initially, the rumors started circulating after the fans of the series noticed that Sebastian and Joe were extra close and frequently posted pictures with each other in comparison to their other co-stars.

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Joe Locke

Not to mention, the pair was even photographed once wearing identical red-white jackets and were quite coupley. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that both Sebastian and Joe's Instagram profiles include a rainbow emoji, which either represents the LGBTQ+ community or is most likely just a way of showing support. Although the shreds of evidence point out that the pair is most probably dating in real life, no confirmations are made by either of the performers.

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