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Kit Connor (Image Source: Kit's Instagram)

Kit Sebastian Connor, aka Kit Connor, is an 18 years old emerging actor. He is a British actor who grew up in London. Kit started acting at a very age and he has given mesmerizing performances in several films and television series. This includes Rocketman, Get Santa, HBO Series His Dark Materials, Little Joe, British Television Series Rocket's Island, and Netflix's series Heartstopper. Among these, he was also nominated for his portrayal in His Dark Materials as Best Supporting Young Actor.

Moreover, Kit Connor got enormous highlight through his role as Nick Nelson on Netflix's highly anticipated gay series named Heartstopper where his chemistry with Joe Locke was immensely appreciated by the fans. In the series, Kit was the single child of his parents but is he a single child in real life too, or does he grow up alongside his siblings? Here's let's find out.

Does Kit Connor Have Siblings?

Yes, Kit Connor does have a sibling. Kit Connor is very confidential about his personal life. He hasn't shared anything about his family members or if he has any siblings on his social media accounts. So, it is hard to discover anything related to his personal matters. However, after searching for a while, we did find that he has a brother from the Facebook post of his mother Carolina Connor.

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His mom shared the image of Kit Conner's brother Ned Connor's first day at WCGS, Wallington County Grammar School on 4th September 2012 on Facebook. 

Moreover, during an interview with The Vouge Magazine, Kit revealed that as a child, he would dress up as James Bond and make videos with his older brother and sister. So, Kit Connor has two siblings and he is likely to be the youngest sibling.

kit Connor brother

Kit and Ned, both were raised by their parents in London, England. Kit attended Whitgift School in South Croydon whereas Kit Connor brother Ned went to Wallington County Grammar School which is located in the London Borough of Sutton. Ned is not active on social media.

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Who Are Kit Connor's Parents?

Kit Connor's mother's name is Caroline Connor and his father's name is Richard Connor. His parents are married for 15 years now. They celebrate their anniversary on July 6, 2007. As of now, the Connor family is settled in London, England. Furthermore, speaking more about his parents, his mother owns a company named Caroline Connor Ltd since 2000 and his father works at He works as a Freelance Senior Art Director.

kit connor pet

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Moreover, aside from his mother, father, brother and sister, Kit Connor also has two pets as a part of his family. He has two dogs named Sybil and Basil whom he loves very much and often spends his spare time with them. Although Kit doesn't share anything related to his family members on social media, he often shares pictures of his dogs on his Instagram account.

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