Kit Connor
Kit Connor (Image Source: Kit's Instagram)

The long-awaited queer series and its adaptation of the digital comic 'Heartstopper' is just around the corner. This Netflix original series will be premiered on April 22, 2022. The webtoons fans of the comics seem so excited that their counting days on Twitter is very prominent if one searches anything to the series's relation. The best reactions are from the fans and the memes they come along with.

Likewise, the main characters have been as active as they can to do their best at promoting it. Kit Connor, the actor that plays one of the main leads, Nick, has been doing his course just as well. Kit Connor is one of the up-and-coming actors in Hollywood that has been involved in pretty remarkable movies and tv shows. Although, he has only been nominated for one award as Best Supporting Young Actor for his role in 'His Dark Materials.'

How Old Is Kit Connor?

Having turned 18 just a few weeks ago, Kit Sebastian Connor was born on March 8, 2004. Kit was born in London, United Kingdom. Kit Connor is a British man of Caucasian ethnicity. Kit Connor was born within a Christian family so he follows Jesus. Furthermore, as Kit celebrates his birthday on the 8th of March his zodiac sign is Pisces.

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Where Did Kit Connor Study?

Kit Connor went to the Hayes Primary School in Kenly, London, and not shortly after to Whitgift School, South Croydon, London, for his high school. Kit's acting career started at the early age of 8. Making time to time appearances in Chickens, An Adventure in Space and time, and Casualty led him to land his first role as a lead on "Get Santa" in 2014.

Kit Connor

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Who Are Kit Connor Parents?

Kit Connor was born in a Christian family as the son of mother Caroline Connor and father Richard Connor. His dad Richard is an award-winning senior art director in advertising who has worked across several disciplines. Richard has also worked as a writer, producing apps and web content.

Likewise, his mom Caroline is co-owner of Caroline Connor Ltd, a business firm, and is also a freelance producer. Talking about the siblings of Kit Connor, it is believed that he has a brother named Ned Connor and also a sister whose name is yet to be revealed. His parents tied the wedding knot on 6th July 2007 and are happily married for nearly 15 years now. His parents worked in the advertising field when Kit grew up so, he was interested to be famous as celebrity from a very young age.

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Is Kit Connor Dating Joe Locke Or Sebastian Croft?

The fandom of "Heartstopper" has come together to "ship" the relationship between the cast members that play Ben (Sebastian Croft), Charlie (Joe Locke), and Nick (Kit Connor). As cute as it sounds, Kit Connor is unfortunately single and not dating anyone from the show either. 'Heartstopper' is also expected to be the "anti-Euphoria" teen drama. According to the recent interview by Rachel Aroesti, the targeted audience consist mostly of young viewers, the LGBTQIA+ community, and their allies.

Kit Connor

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Even though Kit Connor has been featured in one too many gay-themed movies, he did not disclose his sexuality until October 2022. In October 2022, Kit Conner came out as a Bisexual and was even supported by his parents and family. However, some people harassed and accused Kit Connor of “queerbaiting” and participating in Pride events. Although Kit initially planned to ignore the noise, in October 2022 he Tweeted an emotional tweet, 

“I’m bi. Congrats for forcing an 18-year-old to out himself. I think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye.” 

It wasn't easy as a teenager going through certain things, in terms of just life and mental health. The Tweet had over a million of likes and after posting the Tweet, Kit decided to leave the platform.

Kit Connor's personality and looks make everyone wish he played for their home team.

How Much Is Kit Corner's Net Worth?

Kit Connor's net worth is estimated to be from $1 million to $5 Million. Kit being involved in the projects from the early age of 8 enhanced his networth to the point where many adults struggle to reach their whole life. Kit Connor has been involved in many other projects apart from TV shows and movies; he is also known for his astounding singing voice in "I want love" and "Saturday Night's Alright." These make us believe that he is a very versatile person and gifted. Hopefully, we will see more of him in the near future with his new projects or whatever he can bless us with.

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Kit Connor

What Is Kit Connor Height?

Kit Connor's height is 5'5'', making it 167.64 centimeters. At the same time, his weight is 60 Kg, 132.227 lbs. Kit is also widely known for his British appearance with a cute little smile and face. Even though he is 18 years of age, he looks like he fits in the spectrum of 16-14. He is very cute with light brown hair.

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