Professional looking vlogs

As much as it's true that quality cameras must be considered in creating professional-looking vlogs, other factors need to be taken into account as well.

Vlogging has quickly become one of the hottest trends among many, as people create videos documenting the experiences and things that interest them. Technology has made engaging in this hobby much simpler with sites like YouTube allowing people to post what they create without incurring fees and potentially reaching an enormous audience.

Equipment has also improved with advancements, with high-quality items becoming accessible and no longer requiring exorbitant price points for quality gadgets of a certain level. Cameras have also seen amazing developments; most smartphones can now record HD videos easily using only an app installed onto them for high-res video capture - thus negating the need to get an actual camera!

However, while the camera is required to shoot the vlog and make it look professional, there are other essential components that are required to help achieve that ultimate aim.

Professional Looking Vlogs

Camera Equipment

Only having a camera alone won't suffice if you want to create professional-looking vlogs; additional equipment may be needed depending on what shots need to be created or captured to achieve optimal results.

Equipment such as tripods, stabilizers and remote shutters can often come in handy to videographers who wish to shoot without carrying their camera around with them. This enables perfect shots without unnecessary movements that might alter production quality negatively.


Before shooting a vlog, a storyboard or a script should be created. A professional-looking video will be one that has direction and shoots everything it needs to include. Without one, the video may look amateurish and not give off the intended polished look.

When following a script or storyboard, the videographer will be able to make sure they include everything they want to make a quality production. If they can do this, there is a greater chance that their vlog will have more success with its audience.

Editing Software

Editing software is the one aspect that a vlog creator cannot go without. This equipment can take a shoot from appearing to be completed by an amateur and looking like an established individual has done.

There are numerous editing software platforms available, with many featuring templates that can help create compelling scenes. Adobe Premiere Pro templates are often widely used by editors, as they are easy to use and can instantly give a professional finish to the final product.

Professional Looking Vlogs

Lighting Equipment

While editing software can enhance certain aspects of the footage captured, it is important for vloggers to get many of these things correct to begin with. This includes lighting.

The lighting used can make a shoot look more professional, as it can give a polished appearance on the final product. The lighting used - whether it be big studio lights or a ring light - can elevate the visuals that are obtained and help to bring certain aspects to life, including the finer details that the vlog may focus on.


Again, much like lighting, vloggers looking to create professional videos should think about the sounds they want to capture and the equipment that should be used. Microphones are vital when picking up sounds, whether speech or noises made throughout the vlog.

Microphones can come in many shapes and sizes, which is also something to think about, as these can make things look unprofessional if they are too big/small. Some may want to use microphones that are out-of-shot to achieve a more natural effect, so it is important to consider the content of the vlog beforehand.

Professional Looking Vlogs


Visuals can be everything when it comes to creating a professional-looking vlog, which is why it is important to consider the backgrounds that are used for each shot. These can have an impact - both positively and negatively - on the success of the content created.

The backgrounds that are used should match the themes of the vlog if they are to look professional, as this can help engage viewers and keep them interested. At the same time, they should not be too distracting or take away from the content that is being created. A fine balance is needed.

Creating a professional-looking vlog

For anyone who wants to be able to create vlogs, making a professional-looking one is always the desired objective. Any aspiring vlogger wants to be able to attract an audience to their content and to do this, they need to consider the essentials above to give them the chance to have success.

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