Best Games

The cold winter months can be a challenge for social butterflies. While there are plenty of holidays lined up to celebrate with family and friends, filling in an odd afternoon or evening with activities can be difficult. That’s especially true for those who live alone and can’t easily connect with friends.
If you already have your cozy movies and TV shows lined up, you might be looking for something extra. We have a few suggestions for you—and they all revolve around gaming. Over the last few years, casual games have taken off. These make it easy for just about anyone to find a title that suits their interest and skill levels. Plus, gaming is a great way to engage the brain during periods of downtime. 
Keep reading for some of our easy-to-access gaming suggestions that will help you stay entertained this winter.

Best Games

Browser Game: Roulette

One of the easiest ways for a person to start gaming is to simply head to an internet browser, either on a laptop, computer, or mobile device. Browser games have been around for a long time and one of the most popular categories in browser gaming are online casinos. For example, a platform like PokerStars Casino will let you easily start shopping around for the world’s top titles, including blackjack, slots, and, our favorite, roulette.
We suggest starting out with roulette because the rules are straightforward and the game is incredibly exciting. If you’re looking for a bit of social engagement, you can explore live roulette titles. These types of games run on live video links, connecting you to a real-life dealer straight from the comfort of your home.

Board Game: Disney Villainous

Not everyone will be swayed by digital games—and that’s fine. We’ve got a suggestion here that’s great for in-person gaming and geared for two players. With the Disney Villainous board game, you’ll be taken straight into the intricacies and wickedness of Disney’s most recognizable bad guys.
Players will advance across the board while accruing allies and navigating the goals of villains. For example, Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin wants access to the Genie—but players must strategize if they want to succeed. Specifically, they must know when to use each villain’s super-powers in order to wield the full effect of each move and avoid running into heroes.

Best Games

Mobile Game: Stardew Valley

Let’s keep things casual with our mobile game recommendation. The title Stardew Valley is one of the world’s most popular games, which can be played on a smartphone, PC, console, and more. If you’ve heard of this game before, you may have a few questions—after all, what’s a farming simulator and what could possibly make it so interesting for players? 
The magic of Stardew Valley is that it allows players to take on challenges at their own pace. As a farming simulator, players can create beautiful gardens and tend to them while also tackling other challenges. This lets players ‘play at their own pace’. However, this title is also known for its relaxing setup. From its visual design to its soundtrack to its mechanics, the title is incredibly soothing and calming.


Multiplayer Game: Virtual Escape Room

Let’s jump back to the world of browser games once again. If you’re feeling a bit too overwhelmed with board games and mobile games, then stick to a virtual escape room. In case you’ve missed the zeitgeist, escape rooms are challenges that require players to find their way out of a room—which usually involves some hardboiled puzzles and tricks.
A virtual escape room offers the exact same challenge, except it’s a fully digital room. So, what does this look like? Players simply link up remotely on whatever virtual escape room platform works for them. From there, they can select a theme, level of difficulty, and more in order to get the most out of their experience. But remember—most virtual escape rooms are quite heady, which means you’ll need to think your way through each decision.

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