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Kit Connor and Joe Locke (Photo Source: Joe's Instagram)

Kit Connor, born Kit Sebastian Connor, is a British actor best known for playing Archie Beckles in the CBBC drama series Rocket's Island, which was produced by Lime Pictures and All3Media. Major people may recognize Kit for his performances in the 2019 musical drama film Rocketman and the 2019 internationally co-produced drama film Little Joe, depending on the setting. Connor has been able to blossom as an actor each day since making his debut in the 2014 comedy film Get Santa, in which he portrayed the part of Tom Anderson, and has earned more than 15 acting credits.

In the same way, Kit Connor is an accomplished stage performer and voice actor. Furthermore, in the recent passage of time, Connor has been in popular demand because of one of the anticipated dramas in 2022, Heartstopper. Nevertheless, thriving in his professional life, people often wonder about his personal life of Kit. Thus, today let’s stroll around the dating life of Kit Connor.

Is Kit Connor Gay In Real Life?

Many people speculated that Connor was gay after Kit's flawless portrayal of Nicholas 'Nick' Nelson in the British coming-of-age romantic show Heartstopper. In the sense that, unlike other high school dramas that focus on drugs, violence, and other such issues, Heartstopper the series firmly portrays the LGBTQ+ community and those who must overcome several obstacles to be accepted by society. Kit falls in love with an openly homosexual classmate, Charlie, and flaunts his love life without regard for public opinion, as the novel progresses.

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Kit Connor

Despite his appearance in far too many gay-themed films. Nonetheless, the actor has been rather vocal about Nick, the character he portrays in the Netflix series. As he previously stated, Connor recognizes the significance of Nick's tale, especially considering how little attention bisexuals have received in television series, films, and other kinds of storytelling. Not to add, Kit complimented that Heartstopper as a fresh concept did an excellent job of portraying the struggle and development encountered by a bisexual character.

Connor in real life like his character Nick was learning about his sexuality. Before the release of season 2 of Heartstopper, Kit came out as Bisexual in October 2022. Before coming out, he was accused of queerbaiting as he was portraying the on-screen gay character and also was frequently appearing at Pride events. As the online harassment increased, Kit decided to leave Twitter. But prior to leaving the platform Kit Connor Tweeted,

“back for a minute. i’m bi. congrats for forcing an 18 year old to out himself. i think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye.”

Kit Connor's coming to terms with his sexuality was more of a natural process and his family was super accepting and wonderful but his all-boys school was more of a very heteronormative atmosphere. Unlike his outgoing character as Nick, Kit in real life was more of an introvert during his school days.

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Who Is Kit Connor’s Partner?

The "Heartstopper" fans have banded together to "ship" the main cast members who play Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick's relationship (Kit Connor). Not to mention the chemistry that exists between Kit and Joe behind the scenes, which makes their fans appreciate them even more. For example, when the on-screen pair, together with co-stars Yasmin Finney and Will Gao, appeared on the cover of Attitude's May/June issue, they discussed everything from the most humiliating moments to who had the strangest habits.

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Kit Connor

Joe's coffee addiction led to some less-than-ideal smooches, according to Kit; this statement itself made their fans dance in joy. Furthermore, even when there isn't a camera around, Joe and Kit aren't ashamed to exhibit kinships with each other. As a result, the shipping occurred, however, as adorable as that may seem, Kit Connor is now single and not dating anyone from the program. Meanwhile, no information about his previous relationships, if he had any, is available.

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