Corinna Brown
Corinna Brown (Photo Source: Corinna's Instagram)

Corinna Brown is an English actress best known for playing Tara Jones in Heartstopper, a popular LGBTQ+ coming-of-age series that premiered on Netflix in April 2022. Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Sebastian Croft, William GaoYasmin Finney, and Rhea Norwood, to mention a few, were among the many famous and anticipated performers that appeared in the series. Corinna's appearances in 2017's 'Daphne' and 2020's 'The Show Must Go Online' have also helped to establish her as an actor.

Similarly, Brown, a beautiful female performer, is a skilled dancer, choreographer, dance therapist, arts-based researcher, and educator. Meanwhile, when Corinna Brown is succeeding in her professional life, many people are curious about her personal life, particularly her sexuality and boyfriend. So, without further ado, let's have a peek at Corinna's personal life.

Is Corinna Brown Gay?

Heartstopper, a play that defies all negative stereotypes about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people, included a flawless portrayal of each LGBTQ+ community member. Similarly, Corinna Brown landed the part of Tara Jones, a lesbian character in an all-girls school, who falls in love with her co-star Kizzy Edgell, who portrays Darcy Olsson.

During an interview with Hello magazine on April 22, 2022, Corinna commented that

"It shows everyone, all young people, that love is okay, whatever age you are, let's not shy away from it". 

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With such an outstanding onscreen portrayal of a lesbian character, many wondered and searched "Is Corinna Brown Lesbian?" Although Brown is an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, it is uncertain whether she is homosexual herself: yet her Instagram bio reads her pronoun as She/Her. So, Heartstopper star Corinna Brown sexuality is straight. 

Corinna Brown

Nonetheless, during the same interview with Hello Magazine, Corinna mentioned that Heartstopper properly portrays all types of love, whether queer or normal. She even added that if she had been introduced to a series like that when she was 14, things would have been a lot simpler for her. Many people speculated that the actress was portraying her sexuality at the time and that she may be a lesbian in real life, but no confirmations have been made.

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Who Is Corinna Brown’s Partner?

As the story of Heartstopper follows, after coming out to their classmates as a lesbian couple, Darcy knows how to deal with criticism and is constantly cracking jokes, whereas Corinna is the polar opposite of her girlfriend and spends the majority of her first season unable to cope with her classmates' sudden shift in behavior after learning of their relationship.

Kizzy Edgell

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The adorable lesbian couple Tara and Darcy were loved by fans all over the world and hoped their relationship would bloom in real life. Darcy is a very fun-loving person and makes people around her laugh most of the time. Rather when it came to her girlfriend, Tara, she was always by her side to support her. While many people couldn’t help but ship the two the actress in real life, to everyone’s disappointment, Corinna and Kizzy are good friends in real life. On the other hand, there is no information available regarding Brown’s dating life. Thus, most probably, she is single at the moment.

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