Ingrid Rinck
Ingrid Rinck (Photo Source: Ingrid's Instagram)

In the present context, every sport is given equal opportunities globally, so there isn't the case of favoritism. However, if we have to talk about the preference, it may differ according to choices, especially boys like sports that are invested more in physical strength. Meanwhile, wrestling is one of the most anticipated games as it is generally competitive and entertaining. Among many new wrestlers, George Murdoch is one of them.

George Murdoch, better known as Tyrus or Brodus Clay, is a Fox News commentator and American professional wrestler who is currently signed to the National Wrestling Alliance. Besides being a wrestler, he has also been featured in some of the movies like Gutfeld!, No One Lives, etc.; as an actor, he is also involved in the political scene.

Who Is Tyrus's (George Murdoch) Wife, Ingrid Rinck?

Tyrus is currently married to his wife, Ingrid Rinck, an advocate for Mental Health. Also, she is an entrepreneur and has founded 5 businesses on her own, including Sensible Meals, an online delivery system for fresh and affordable food made by chefs, in 2014. 

Ingrid Rinck

As for the start of her career, she left her studies to afford a living for herself and her family members. Thus, she worked hard day and night and worked any job without making choices as she has been working as a Health fitness trainer for more than 25 years. Moreover, she is the founder of the Leading Ladies League, a women's charity organization, and Fitcamp, a gym and fitness center.

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Like any other mother in the world, it was sad when Ingrid became aware that her son had Type 1 diabetes. Therefore, she became more conscious about nutrition and diets and paid extra care for her children's eating. 

Ingrid Rinck Husband

Ingrid Rinck is blissfully married to wrestler George Murdoch, but it is still unclear when George and Ingrid tied the knot. However, Ingrid Rinck explained in one of her Instagram posts on April 26, 2020, that Tyrus never appropriately proposed to her, so he gave her a ring on her birthday instead. Together with George, Ingrid gave birth to a daughter, Georgie Jane in May 2014. Not to mention, Tyrus, also known as George, once got into controversy for sexually harassing a Tv host.

Ingrid Rinck Husband

Ingrid Rinck First Husband

Ingrid was previously married to her first husband, with whom she had two sons, Rock and Rhett, and it is believed that Ingrid blamed herself for her failed marriage and criticized herself for her physical appearance. Therefore, after the separation from her husband, she looked after her sons and lost about 135lbs due to strict diet and physical training.

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Ingrid Rinck Age

Ingrid Rinck's birthday is on April 26, and she was born in 1984, United States of America. So, her age is 37 years. Born on April 26, her zodiac sign is Taurus, and her nationality is American. Moreover, she belongs to a white ethnic background and follows Christianity as her religion. 

Ingrid Rinck Children

Ingrid Rinck is the mother of 3 children, 2 sons, and a daughter. The Father of her sons Rhett (eldest), Rock (Youngest) is her ex-husband whereas the father of her daughter Georgia is wrestler Tyrus. Her daughter Georgia Jane was born on 7th May of 2014 and she is 7 years old as of 2021. Ingrid's eldest son Rhett underwent knee surgery in October 2020 whereas her second son, Rock was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the year 2014.

Ingrid Rinck kids.

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Ingrid Rinck Net Worth

As for her income, she is a successful trainer; with all her experiences, she is an advocate, which only adds up to her income. According to the wiki, one of the most famous health trainers and social media influencers, Ingrid Rinck, has a net worth of $3 million.

Physical Statistics

As professional as Ingrid is, she highly maintains her body, due to which she has a very slim figure which gives her an hourglass effect. As for the height, she stands at 5 feet and 10 inches (1.80 m), and her weight is average, i.e., 56 kg (123 lbs). In addition, she is a beautiful woman with blonde-wavy hair and hazel eyes.

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