Bob Menery
Bob Menery (Photo Source: Bob's Instagram)

Today, social media has taken a massive turn in our life where you name the activities that you want to do, like staying connected with your friends, communicating with the other side of the world, and many more. Not just that, but it is also a platform that makes people famous, whereas there is also a dark side to this sector like cyberbullying and many other cybercrimes. Nevertheless, there are a lot of celebrities born overnight by society. At the same time, it remains the dream of many to become one of the internet sensations, and Bob Menery did it without even being self-aware.

Bob Menery is an American sports announcer who went viral for revealing his actual voice during one of his commentaries on the videos of his Instagram, parodies of play-by-plays, and drive-thru-antics. He also advertised Buffalo Wild Wings, a casual restaurant and sports bar franchise. After becoming an internet sensation, he was given the title of "the man with the golden voice."

How Old Is Bob Menery?

Bob Menery was born on June 10, 1987, in Massachusetts, Boston, America. So, his age is 34 years. Born on June 10, his zodiac sign is Gemini, and his nationality is American, followed by his white ethnic background. Bob was born in a middle-class family to his father, Mark Menery, an insurance salesman, and mother, Patty Oakes, a housewife but has started herself as a writer. He has two siblings: big sister, Heather Menery, and big brother Mark Menery. Bob is the youngest child of his parents.

Bob Menery

Where Is Bob Menery From?

Bob Menery is originally from Boston, America, where he was born, but soon his family relocated to North Andover to find a suitable living environment. Before, Bob wanted to succeed as an actor, so he moved to Los Angeles to make it big in Hollywood. Therefore, he worked as a caddie for five years at the Wilshire Country Club to afford a living in LA. Nonetheless, Bob couldn't overcome the struggle to become an actor, so he returned to his hometown in Andover.

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Is Bob Menery Highly Educated?

Bob Menery was still a kid when his family moved to North Andover, due to which he had attended 9 years in St. Michael's Catholic School. Then, he was enrolled at North Andover High School to complete his associate degree. Afterward, he graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2020, located at Chapel Hill.

Bob Menery

When Did Bob Menery Start His Career?

Bob Menery first wanted to be an actor but failed to do so, due to which he started to post random videos on his Instagram doing commentary on other famous videos. Soon, Menery recognized that his actual talent was his voice, so he started making efforts as a sportscaster. Everything was normal when Bob's phone started beeping non-stop with notifications one day, and he found that one of his videos posted by David Justin was going viral

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Bob met with many offers and opportunities, but he denied all of them and decided to start his brand of comedic commentary. He has also acted in a series named "Billions." Likewise, he has also established his "Ripper Magoos" podcast. Among many, his most well-known celebrity guests include the boxing champion Ryan "King Ry" Garcia, UFC president Dana Garcia, to name a few.

Who Is Bob Menery Dating?

Bob Menery is one of the few public figures who doesn't care about the opinion of other people and shows off his love in public without hesitation. Before, Bob was dating the beautiful golfer and social media influencer, Katie Kearney. Bob officially revealed their dating status through his Instagram post with the caption "My Girlfriend" on February 25, 2019. But the couple soon split in the second half of 2019, and the reason for their split has still not been revealed by both.

Bob Menery girlfriend.

On the other hand, Bob is now dating the American actress, Halle Berry who is best known for her role in Bruised. Again, he took it on his Instagram to officially announce his new relationship on December 12, 2021. While it may concern many, Bob Menery is only dating Halle, so he doesn't have a wife.

How Much Is Bob Menery Net Worth?

Bob Menery is one of the most famous and successful sportscasters at present. He has made a lot of fortune through podcasts, play-by-plays parodies, etc., but comparatively, he has a mass following on Instagram and Youtube. Bob was also listed as one of the wealthiest Instagram celebrities from Massachusetts. Thus, according to the wiki, the net worth of Bob Menery is a whopping amount of $84 million.

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Of course, most of his earnings come from being a sportscaster, as it is the one thing that made him a social media star. It is estimated that Bob mainly earns a lot from his Instagram as he has 3 million followers on the platform. Similarly, he also partnered with one of the biggest sports franchises, Buffalo Wild Wings, for a commercial that must have been net-worthy.

Likewise, Bravo Pay, a payment app that can remain anonymous for any transaction, has recently revealed that they are glad to welcome Bob Menery as a strategic advisor. Furthermore, Bob Menery has recently shared his idea about R-rated sports broadcasts to perform at Twitch; such a twist in the traditional way of sports broadcasts is estimated to be a success which will only add to the fortune.

How Tall Is Bob Menery?

Bob Menery stands at the height of 5 feet and 11 inches, whereas he weighs around 78 kg. Bob Menery has eyes are blue, and his hair is black. Also, he has a beard on his face.

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