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Nowadays, we all see movies, shows, series, etc whenever we have leisure time. Out of many genres, if you are interested in the drama sector, you must be familiar with the series "Gentlemen Callers." In the same way, if you have already got the hint, we will talk further about the actor of Gentlemen Callers, Jacob Davich.

Jacob Davich is an American actor and singer who is widely known for being part of different movies and series like The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, The Aviator, Mr. Woodcock, The Virginity, etc. Similarly, in 2005, he was nominated for 'The Spencer Breslin Award for worst performance by a child' due to his role in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D.

How Old Is Jacob Davich?

Jacob Davich's birthday is on August 28, and he was born in 1990 in Los Angeles, California, USA. So, his age is 31 years. Born on August 28, his zodiac sign is Virgo, and his nationality is American, followed by his white ethnicity. Since childhood, Jacob was very interested in being a musician who inspired his dad. Not to mention, his father, Martin Davich, helped him to produce his latest single, "My Father's Gun." Meanwhile, not much is known about his parents except for his father, and he is an only child as far as the sources rely on.

Jacob Davich mom.

When Did Jacob Davich Start His Career?

Jacob Davich portrayed the role of Howard Hughes, a character of Leonardo Dicaprio's childhood in 2004 in the movie, The Aviator. Of course, Jacob hit it big at first as Leonardo is one of the most well-known actors of all time, and slowly he got a lot of roles as a child. He then participated in other projects like Mr. Woodcock and The Daventure's of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D in 2005, which also became a hit. He first debuted in a small role in the Tv series, Taken in 2002.

Jacob Davich

Nevertheless, Davich didn't feel his interest or motivation in acting at the age of 12, and he still had to face the anxiety of not getting roles or being forgotten by people. Jacob knew that he was somewhat interested in music more than acting, but he didn't get the urge at first. Later on, after struggling 10 years as an actor, Jacob decided to pursue his dream as a musician when he was 22, and "My Father's Gun", "Between The Lines" are some of his famous pieces.

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Is Jacob Davich Dating Anyone?

Jacob Davich is currently single and doesn't have a girlfriend. He likes to spend time writing music and traveling and party with his friends. Also, he stayed away from media for the longest time, so it's hard to know if he had a partner in the past few years.

Is Jacob Davich Active on Social Media?

Jacob Davich is comparatively less active on social media than any other celebrity. He doesn't own any verified accounts, but he has an Instagram account with 5K followers approximately. His Instagram handle is @jacobdavichmusic. Also, he has a Twitter account with over 10K followers whose username is @JDavichMusic.

Jacob Davich

What Is The Net Worth Of Jacob Davich?

Jacob Davich is one of the prominent actors and has earned himself considerable success. So, according to the wiki, the net worth of Jacob Davich is $800,000. Of course, most of his income came from his acting career, but now that he is a musician, his net worth has grown over the years. 

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How Tall is Jacob Davich?

Jacob Davich stands at the height of 178 cm and has a very slim body. His hair is wavy and dark-brown, whereas his most attractive feature, his eyes are green which complements his other facial structures.

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