Brittany Venti
Brittany Venti (Photo Source: Brittany's Instagram)

In the world of social media, it has been a common thing where people remain anonymous and comment on bad or good things without revealing their actual identity. Despite this, in today's world, commenting about different videos while revealing your specification has been turned into a job known as "commentary youtube." Meanwhile, among many other commentators, Brittany Venti is one of them.

As her name suggests, Brittany Venti is a great lover of Starbucks, a chain for serving coffees and venti is one of the portions given to the customers. Similarly, Brittany Venti is an American Commentary Youtuber, a gamer who was once a Streamer at Twitch.

How Old Is Brittany Venti?

Brittany Venti's birthday is on September 21, and she was born in 1997 in the United States. So, her age is 24 years. Born on September 21, her zodiac sign is Virgo, and her nationality is American. Likewise, she follows Christianity as her religion and her ethnicity is mixed as her father was white and her mother was black. Unfortunately, her parents died when she was only a teenager. It is also believed that she grew up with her brother and sister, but they haven't been revealed to the public.

Brittany Venti

Where Does Brittany Venti Live?

Previously, Brittany Venti used to live with her family in Connecticut, but after the sudden death of her parents, she didn't have anything left in Connecticut. So, she decided to move to New York for more significant opportunities, and as she became successful, she moved to Texas in August 2021.

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Is Brittany Venti Highly Educated?

Brittany Venti was always not the kind to be invested in studying, due to which in 2014 she dropped out of her local high school, which was situated in her hometown. She admitted that she was very troublesome and always had some rage with her teachers.

When Did Brittany Venti Start Off Her Career?

Brittany Venti first stated that she liked to spread positivity, due to which she chose the profession of commentary on youtube. Primarily, she started at Twitch with a username of "The Lollipop Ninja" on July 19, 2014. With time, she started commenting on games like Minecraft but what led her to stardom was following a raid from 4Chan trolls in May 2015. Not just once, but the 4Chan always got their way to Brittany whenever they could; they would hack her account and take advantage of the video donation feature to insult her or call her terrorists and different other names.

Brittany Venti

However, the raiding got out of hand when they placed their characters in the game and chased Venti while trying to rape her character. It eventually caused Brittany to burst out into tears. Not only that but her Twitch account also got banned on June 12, 2015. Afterward, she changed her focus onto Hitbox, but she didn't get much popularity comparatively. Thus, Venti decided to return to Twitch on July 27, 207, but as she was getting a lot of hate, her Twitch account got permanently deleted. So now, she focuses only on her gaming and Youtube.

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Is Brittany Venti Dating Anyone?

When it's related to the dating life of Brittany Venti, we cannot overlook the Slasher incident from 2019. What happened was that Venti gained a lot of online supporters when she exposed Rod Breslau trying to get a date with Brittany. But what was more shocking was that Rod tried to offer Venti a job through her friend Jessica in return for having an offensive date. Further, Daniel Keemstar, a fellow gamer, and friend of Brittany stated that Rod tried to end her career after Venti's rejection.

Brittany Venti

Before that, Brittany was in a relationship with Mason Saga under the name of 4Chad, who joined Venti in her live streams and tried to promote his videos, which was not appreciated by her fans. Thus, Venti decided that it was better to let her boyfriend go for the sake of her career. So, the couple went their separate ways after 10 months of living together.

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How Much Money Does Brittany Venti Make?

Brittany Venti was a successful streamer at Twitch, but her account soon got deleted, and she focused more on being a Youtuber and has succeeded as one. Thus, one of the most talked-about YouTubers, Brittany Venti, has a net worth of $300K to $500K. But, of course, most of her income comes from being a gamer and Youtuber.

How Tall Is Brittany Venti?

Brittany Venti's height is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), and talking about her weight, she weighs around 50kg (110 lbs). Also, her hair is curly and black, whereas her eyes are light brown.

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