Brittany Venti
Brittany Venti (Photo Source: Brittany's Instagram)

Frankly speaking, we all have that one social media personality whom we like or have a crush on. In the same way, Brittany Venti is a well-known American internet personality and is widely known due to her unique charm and beauty among her fans who follow her Youtube commentary and podcasts. Other than that, Brittany is well received by her followers for her outspoken nature about political issues and critical subjects that needs the attention of the general public such as ‘Black Lives Matter.’

In a similar context, Venti who doesn’t have direct affiliation in the industry quite earns a lot through her internet persona itself. Not to mention, her brand endorsements, clothing hauls, etc. Somewhat thriving in both professional and financial manner, people are often curious about her personal life, especially about the relationship status of the internet beauty. Thus, without further ado let’s take a quick look into the dating life of Brittany Venti.

Who Is Brittany Venti’s Boyfriend?

Brittany Venti, like many others in the celebrity and internet industry, wants to keep her personal life private and away from the public eye. However, the 25-year-old gamer and YouTube celebrity were previously involved with Mason Saga, who is now her ex-boyfriend. Even though Mason isn't active on social media, little information on him has been acquired. Nonetheless, it is unsurprising that Venti's admirers used to despise the gamer's previous partner who was just an ordinary individual.

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Brittany Venti

Initially, between 2017 and 2018, Brittany streamed with her partner Mason under the moniker 4chad, which was the first time Saga was presented to Venti's fan base. With each stream held with her boyfriend, it was quickly recognized that Brittany's fan following was dwindling, and the relationship was not being well received by the public. Following in 2018, Brittany parted things with Mason and although there isn't much information on how or when the couple broke up, media sources suggest that the internet sensation had a ten-month living relationship with Saga before calling it quits. Brittany, on the other hand, is now single and hasn't been involved in any supposed dating controversies in recent days. And as per the information gathered, Brittany has never been married or had a husband, still, her Instagram username consists of 'Mrs.,' a term used by married people.

Who Is Brittany Venti, The Controversial Game Streamer?

If you've been a fan of Brittany Venti for a long time, you've probably followed her on Twitch since she was a rising star. Venti, who debuted on July 19, 2014, under the moniker 'The Lollipop Ninja,' was gaining traction when a scandal erupted following the raid of 4Chan trolls on May 15, making Brittany the center of attention. Basically what occurred was sadly the young gamer and streamer became the victim of online harassment by 4Chan. Specifically, the gang of gamers would trash Venti at any chance they got and refer to her as a terrorist. However, when they put their characters in the game and tried to rape Venti's character, the raiding got out of hand.

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Brittany Venti

Following the unaccepted behavior, Brittany ultimately burst into tears. Apart from that, Brittany also made it to the news and has been the victim of unfortunate events. Like the time when she exposed Rod Breslau who was trying to get on a fate with her. But after a serious rejection, the fellow star proceeded to end Brittany’s career after he was unable to cope with embarrassment as per the statement made by Daniel Keemstar, Venti’s pal.

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