George Murdoch
George Murdoch (Photo Source: George's Instagram)

George Murdoch, better known as Tyrus in the wrestling world, is an American professional wrestler who at present plays for National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). Besides, he is an accomplished Tv host, actor, and former bodyguard who is famous as, "Tyrus Fox News Contributor."

Furthermore, 48 years old American wrestler and fox news contributor George Murdoch is happily married to fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Ingrid Rinck. Thriving in both personal and professional life, many people wonder about his earnings and net worth. So, here let's take a stroll around his earnings, net worth, and also discover about his salary and assets he owns.

What Is Tyrus's (George Murdoch) Net Worth?

A hardcore wrestling fan is familiar with one of the most promising wrestlers of all time, Tyrus, also known as George Murdoch or WWE's Brodus Clay. George has been able to leave a significant impact in the wrestling industry with his impressive popularity and achievements. Therefore, according to the wiki, one of the most prominent wrestlers and athletes of all time, George Murdoch, has a net worth of $2 million. Of course, foremost of his annual salary comes from being a wrestler as he has played in many major games of WWE and participated in a few other feuds.

George Murdoch

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What Is Tyrus's (George Murdoch) Salary?

Father Of 5 children George has a massive fan following on social platforms as on Instagram Account; he has 163K followers and 381.2K followers on Twitter. Not to mention, he owns verified accounts, due to which he has signed contracts with many brands for endorsements and advertisements. Furthermore, he has also appeared in a few movies. 

Also, before rising to stardom, George was simply a 6 feet 7 inches tall boy who used to be a bouncer at a club. Later, he found an opportunity to be the bodyguard of the famous American rapper Snoop Dog. In addition, he was involved in the political scene for quite some time, so he must have earned quite a bit from being a public representative. Thus, it can be ascertained that George used to receive a handsome paycheck after many of his struggles. 

George Murdoch Fox News

Similarly, after Tyrus was able to win against Big Bully Douglas on September 7 and against Shark Boy on October 15 of Impact Wrestling, his salary and demand only grew from there. Before that, he was also an announcer and contributor at Fox News, but he got involved in a controversy with co-host Britt Mchenry after she allegedly filed a lawsuit against Fox News for sexual harassment by Tyrus. Even though the controversy was settled, it still left a mark on Tyrus's career.

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What Are The Assets Possessed By Tyrus (George Murdoch)?

As we search about the assets of Tyrus, he owns land in the city of Montana, but he has lent it to other renters, whereas he resides in his own house in Florida. He is also enjoying vacations with his wife and children at exotic places. 

George Murdoch family

Similarly, he is a family man, so he is with his family whenever he has leisure time, like treating them to nice dinners and taking them to see games, etc. Also, it is believed that the wrestler has a collection of branded cars, but he hasn't been spotted in public. Further, his wife owns many businesses which she first started after the success of Sensible Meals. 

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