Tyrus (George Murdoch)
Tyrus (George Murdoch) (Photo Source: Tyrus' Instagram)

From a bad upbringing, Moving to a new area like L.A., to being the bodyguard of Snoop dog, to becoming a famous figure……..the wrestler gives a lighthearted trip through the minefield of his victorious life narrative

Finding yourself, according to George Murdoch, does not include becoming the greatest at many things or striving for excellence in every subject. Instead, attempting to be all things or trying to please all people, made him realize that he was nothing and that he wasn't even recognizing himself. At the beginning of his autobiography, the wrestler also mentions 'You may call me Tyrus. My name is George T. Murdoch, but I am known as Tyrus.'

Tyrus (George Murdoch)

One such occurrence motivated the 49-year-old wrestler, who is most known for being a professional wrestler under the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and as a contributor to numerous Fox News shows, to pen a memoir based on his experiences.

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Essentially, the novel depicts young George's obligation to learn and battle against race-baiting bullies and the horrors of a dysfunctional household at a young age. Murdoch survived all of life's risks by being nearly invisible in high school and for the majority of his college years, running drugs, bouncing at clubs, and so on.

After a brief stint with the WWE, he finally became Snoop Dogg's bodyguard, traveling the world with the hip hop icon and making good friends; remembering the time when George recalled that Snoop Dog as a person is a down-to-earth yet boring person to hang out with. When the WWE persuaded him to return, George changed his name to "Brodus Clay" and reinvented himself multiple times over the following few years under the watchful eye of the great Dusty Rhodes, "the American Dream."

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“George aka Tyrus aka the most real most blunt human being on the face of planet earth. Never had a problem telling you what was on his mind or how he felt, good or bad. Tough exterior but a heart of gold. Front liner, great friend, and excellent coach for my youth football team. His work ethic is obvious, taking him from football to bodyguard to pro wrestler to a superb personality on Fox News. I’ve seen him climb the ladder of success, and I’m happy that I was along for the journey.” —Snoop Dogg

Tyrus (George Murdoch)

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A quick aside before we finish, on April 26, 2022, the autobiography 'Just Tyrus: A Memoir' was published for the first time. Within a few days of its debut, the book is already the No. 1 best seller in the Wrestling category, with an average price of $20.25. The journal, which has received 791 evaluations and has a total of 240 pages, has been exported globally in English.

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