Nikita Uggla
Nikita Uggla (Photo Source: Nikita's Instagram)

When you think of 2021, the year was full of fear and boredom, where we couldn't even meet our friends and family. It was a shock for the World when we were allegedly compelled to walk a year slow and close many workplaces. But, conversely, if we look at the bright side, 2021 also made us realize the importance of family, whereas as per the entertainment industry, we got some of the most legendary projects in the same year. Similarly, it was the year of Nikita Uggla as well, we could say.

Nikita Uggla is a Swedish actress widely known for portraying the role of Felice in the 2021 Netflix original drama series Young Royals. Moreover, she is also an accomplished model, singer, dancer, and social media influencer. Also, Nikita loves to spend time with cats and dogs.

How Old Is Nikita Uggla?

Nikita Uggla's birthday is on April 14, and she was born in 2001 in Kivik, Sweden, a locality known for its annual festive market. So, her age is 20 years. Born on April 14, her zodiac sign is Aries, and her nationality is Swedish. In addition, Nikita belongs to the mixed ethnic background of African-Swedish, and she follows Christianity as her religion.

Nikita Uggla

Nikita is close to her mother, Anna-Carin Uggla, as she is the only parent figure Nikita has known since her childhood. There has not been any information regarding Uggla's father, but it is said that her mom is a single mother of three. Further, Anna-Carin raised Nikita and her two brothers, Jakob Uggla and Gabriel Uggla, as humble kids.

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Is Nikita Uggla Highly Educated?

As for the academic training of Nikita Uggla, she was first enrolled at Nils Holgerssonskolan School, where she completed her high school. Afterward, she primarily attended Nova Academy of Performing Arts in 2017 and later completed her studies there in 2020. From then on, Uggla has been focusing more on her career, so she hasn't been admitted to any University.

When Did Nikita Uggla Start Her Career?

Nikita was always passionate about pursuing acting as her full-time job, so she started participating in a few dramas from her secondary school. Likewise, she auditioned for many movies and Tv shows in search of suitable opportunities. Soon, her talent was noticed, and she was offered to be signed under Schultzberg, a representing agency for young talents and potential actors.

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Nikita Uggla

With the help of her agency, she was able to land her first ever professional project, Young Royals, which was a major hit. More simply, the role of Fenice was a perfect match for Nikita, and the critics started to search more about Nikita, which made her old videos of workshops, and auditions go viral. Not to mention, after huge success as an actress, Nikita recently started as a model in 2021 as she walked down the runway as one of the line-ups for Ganni.

Is Nikita Uggla Dating Anyone?

As far as the sources rely on, Nikita Uggla is currently single and doesn't have any boyfriends. Nikita said that she is trying to focus on her bright career rather than being involved in a dating rumor. Also, as the actress is still young and new in the entertainment industry, it is still unsure whether she was in a relationship with anyone in the past before getting fame or not. Nevertheless, the critics highly praised Uggla, and many loved the on-screen love triangle between her, Malte Gardiner, and Frida Argento in Young Royals.

Nikita Uggla

What Is The Net Worth Of Nikita Uggla?

Although Nikita Uggla is new in the scene of motion picture field, she has already been the public's favorite with her first project itself. The cast of Young Royals was liked by many, but arguable, Nikita got a huge breakthrough in her career. Surely, as she is under powerhouse entertainment companies, she must have been paid a handsome amount for her role. Therefore, according to the wiki, as of 2021, the net worth of one of the most foreseen actresses, Nikita Uggla, is $750,000 approximately. Of course, she made the top income from being a professional actress and model. Moreover, Nikita was also listed as one of the top Tv breakout actresses of 2021 and other legendary senior actresses.

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How Tall Is Nikita Uggla?

The beautiful 20-year-old actress stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs around 62 kg (137 lbs). Also, Uggla has commendable facial features, and maybe it's because she is from mixed parents, as applied by the myth that mixed children are always visually attractive. Likewise, Nikita has dark-brown eyes and black hair.

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