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Roman Atwood (Photo Source: Roman's Instagram)

Roman Atwood is a well-known and popular YouTuber who has been active on the platform for over a decade. He first gained fame for his prank videos, in which he plays practical jokes on his friends, family, and the public. In addition to his prank videos, Atwood also documents his daily life in vlogs, which give his fans an inside look at his personal and professional life.

According to Wiki, Atwood is known for his energetic and outgoing personality, as well as his sense of humor and love of practical jokes."The Roman Atwood Show" aired on Comedy Central in 2016 and featured Atwood as the star and creator. The show was a hit with audiences and helped to further establish Atwood as a talented and entertaining personality in the entertainment world.

Who Are Roman Atwood's Parents?

Atwood's father's name is Kent Atwood, and his mother's name is Susan Atwood. Atwood was born on 28th May 1983 in Millersport, Ohio. He has two siblings, a brother named Chris Atwood and a sister named Melissa Atwood. Atwood has spoken about his close relationships with his family and has often featured them in his videos and projects. His mom passed away in the year 2019 and ever since then pulled him to church.

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Roman Atwood with his mother.

Atwood had a happy and active childhood and was known for his energetic and outgoing personality. He was involved in several sports and activities and was known for his love of practical jokes and sense of humor. These traits have carried over into his adult life and have played a key role in his success as a YouTuber and entertainer.

What Are Roman's Educational Qualification?

Roman Atwood attended Millersport High School in Ohio, where his house was located. After graduating from high school, Atwood enrolled in Ohio University, where he studied business marketing. However, he dropped out of college to pursue a career in entertainment. Although Atwood did not complete his college education, he has achieved great success and fame as a YouTuber and entertainer. 

When Did Roman Began His Career?

Roman Atwood began his career as a YouTuber in 2009, uploading his first video to the platform. He quickly gained a following for his prank videos and vlogs, which document his daily life. Atwood's energetic and outgoing personality, as well as his sense of humor and love of practical jokes, helped him to stand out on YouTube and contributed to his success on the platform.

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Since beginning his career on YouTube, Atwood has continued to grow and evolve as a content creator, expanding his reach and influence in the world of entertainment. He has released several merchandise lines, including clothing and accessories, and has also written, produced, and starred in his own TV show, "The Roman Atwood Show," which aired on Comedy Central in 2016. Atwood also released a film titled Natural Born Pranksters on 24th September 2016 which he collaborated with Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Dennis Roady.

He has a large and dedicated following on YouTube, with millions of subscribers to his channel. In addition to his work on YouTube and TV, Atwood has also been involved in several other projects and ventures, including acting, writing, and producing. He is known for his energetic and entertaining style and has gained a reputation as a talented and creative personality in the world of entertainment.

Is Roman Atwood Married?

Roman Atwood has been married twice. His first marriage was to Shanna Riley, with whom he has a son named Noah Vaughn Atwood. They welcomed their first child Noah on 18th October 2004. Atwood and Riley divorced in 2008, when his former wife cheated on him with his friend. 

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Later, he married his longtime partner Brittney Smith on 29th May 2018. Roman and his partner got engaged on 30th April 2018. The duo has been together for nearly 9 and a half years. After such a long dating period, Roman finally planned a surprise proposal and asked Brittney to marry him when she woke up.

Roman Atwood wife and kids.

Smith and Atwood have three children together; two sons named Kane Alexander Atwood and Knox Atwood and a daughter named Cora Atwood. Their baby boy Kane was born on 23rd October 2011, and they welcomed their baby girl Cora Atwood on 16th July 2017.

Likewise, they again announced the news of Brittany's pregnancy in January 2021, and on January 2022, they welcomed their third child, son Knox.

He lives happily right now with his wife and family. Outside of his work as a YouTuber and entertainer, Atwood is also known for his charitable work and philanthropy.

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How Much Is Roman Atwood's Net Worth?

Roman Atwood is a successful and influential YouTuber and entertainer with an estimated net worth of around $20 million. He has built a large and dedicated following on YouTube, with millions of subscribers to his channel. In addition to his work on YouTube, Atwood has also ventured into other areas of entertainment, and podcast, including writing, producing, and starring in his own TV show.

Atwood's net worth is largely derived from his work as a content creator on YouTube, where he has earned millions of dollars through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. He has also earned income from his other ventures, including acting, writing, and producing, as well as from his merchandise lines and other business ventures.

How Tall Is Roman Atwood?

Roman Atwood has a fit and athletic physique, with a chest size of 40 inches, biceps size of 12 inches, and a waist size of 32 inches. These physical features, along with his height of 173cm, or roughly 5'9", and weight of 68kg, or approximately 150lbs, contribute to his charming and likable appearance.

Atwood has green eyes and brown hair, adding to his attractive and likable appearance. Atwood's fit and athletic physique result from his dedication to physical fitness and healthy living, which he often promotes and shares with his followers.

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