Wilson Jermaine Heredia
Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Photo Source: Wilson's Instagram)

Wilson Jermaine Heredia is an actor who has won a Tony Award. He is most known for creating the part of Angel in RENT, both on Broadway and in the film adaptation of the musical. Wilson gained attention and became a well-known celebrity as a result of his transition from a role as an actor in television to one in feature films.

This document entails information regarding Wilson’s Early Life, educational qualifications, hobbies, career, relationship status, net worth, and physical appearance. Because he hasn't been seen getting involved in any of the issues or his love relationships, it is assumed that he is more focused on his professional job than on his personal life.

How Was Wilson’s Early Life?

Wilson Jermaine Heredia was born on December 2, 1971, in Brooklyn, New York to parents who immigrated from the Dominican Republic. So, his age is 52 years old as of now in 2023. Henry Herbert and Lady Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham are his parents. Wilson was fortunate enough to be born into a loving and caring family but both husband and wife professions are unknown.

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Wilson Jermaine Heredia

His early ambitions included a career in medicine, and his parents were quite encouraging of this. He has close relationships with both of his parents. Henry Herbert, William Herbert, and Algernon Herbert are his brothers and sisters.

What Are His Educational Qualifications And Hobbies?

He is a well-educated man who completed his education at a private institution in his neighborhood. After excelling in elementary and secondary school, he enrolled at and graduated from Hunter College in New York. It is assumed that he studied something linked to medicine, but information about his college and degree is still largely unknown.

He had an early interest in acting as a result of his exposure to film and television beginning in his youth, and he ultimately pursued it as a profession. In addition to performing, he also enjoyed singing and listed Sweden, and Paris as his top two travel destinations and white and blue as his favorite color.

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How Did He Start His Career?

He first found success in the music industry as a performer. The 1996 musical Rent, written by Jonathan Larson, is very topical and has several songs performed by him. Of the show's twenty-one tracks, Heredia performed eighteen. His success as a musician didn't stop him from pursuing a career in acting.

Wilson Jermaine Heredia

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Heredia has appeared on twenty-seven different genre screens which include movies, TV series, and short films. In most of his movies, he is portrayed as the main character. He has recently worked in a Tick Tick Boom where he portrayed the role of Diane Mallum and before that, he appeared as The Blind Seer of Coney Island. Tick Tick Boom is a musical drama which is directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and with music composed by Jonathan Larson. He had portrayed as the houseless person in this drama.

Who Is Wilson Jermaine Heredia Married To?

There are no known romantic or marital prospects for Wilson Jermaine Heredia at this time. He has been quiet on the subject of his sexual history, including any ex-girlfriends. So, it's safe to assume that his present priorities lie inside the realm of work. His good looks led to rumors that he was gay, but the actor addressed such rumors by saying that he is, in fact, completely straight.

What Is The Net Worth Of Wilson Jermaine Heredia?

The net worth of Wilson Jermaine Heredia is estimated to be around $2 million. Heredia is an active member of the Stage Actors Guild and a frequent performer on stage. The minimum weekly wage for actors is $1,145.70, whereas the minimum weekly wage for a Broadway performer is $2,034 as per some wiki. He may not make as much as the typical Broadway performer, but he makes more than average wages because of his years of experience and skill as an actor.

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Wilson Jermaine Heredia

How Tall Is Wilson Jermaine Heredia?

Wilson Jermaine Heredia has a lean and muscular build, making him seem like an athlete. His hair is black, and his eyes are a deep, dark brown. The actor is 5.9 feet in height, and he has a wide, sparkling smile and a robust physique that have made him a star. He is a man of mixed racial heritage, with black hair and dark brown eyes. His nationality is the United States of America.

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