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Chaske Spencer (Image Source: Chaske's Facebook)

Chaske Spencer is a well-known actor from America. He became famous after appearing in the TV movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse from 2009 to 2012. Chaske played the role of Sam Uley in that movie, who is the wolf pack's leader. He underwent a significant bodily change to play that character. Before shooting began, he regularly exercise and gained 25 pounds of muscle weight. In addition, he did an excellent job of portraying the role and gave a powerfully emotional performance that rightfully made people take notice of his incredible skill and charm. 

He has established himself as a rising star in the American film industry as of 2022. While talking about his professional career background, his first role was Teen Rudy in the 2002 movie Skins. After that, he started appearing in many movies and TV series. He also appeared in the Scalped TV Movie in the role of Sheriff Falls Down in 2017. Presently, we can see him in the TV series The English written and directed by Hugo Blick. He portrayed the role of Eli Whipp. The series was released on November 11, 2022, and has a total of 6 episodes.

Is Chaske Spencer Married?

Chaske Spencer isn’t active on any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He seems to be a private person who prioritizes keeping his personal affairs a secret. After looking through various online media, we came to the conclusion that the 47 years old American actor, Chaske Spencer is single and doesn’t have a wife as of 2022. But it doesn't mean that he hasn't dated anyone. He was in a dating relationship with Emilee Wegmer. He even attended many red carpet events with his ex-girlfriend Emilie. After two years, they split up in 2014. Similarly, talking about his onscreen relationship, his fans like his chemistry with Emily Blunt who is his costar in the TV series The English. 

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Chaske Spencer with his ex girlfriend Emilee Wegmer

Moreover, during his teenage, Chaske battled racism and even became an alcoholic. His addiction even got him to try heroin in his 20s which plummetted his career and relationship. At that time, he was dating a girl and his girlfriend was indeed the first one to introduce him to the use of heroin. But his girlfriend couldn't stick around when his heroin use became an addiction. So, he lost his girlfriend, career, and even his luxurious $3,000-per-month apartment and was compelled to move to a small dirty place in eastern Brooklyn.

On-screen Relationship 

As of 2022, he is featured in the TV series named The English directed and written by Hugo Blick alongside Emily Deck. Chaske Spencer portrayed Eli Whipp, a member of the Pawnee Nation and former calvary scout, while Emily Blunt portrayed Lady Cornelia Locke, a woman from England who came to the United States in 1890 to take revenge on those responsible for the death of her son. These two met each other on the journey. They become friends and protect each other from numerous physical threats that arise in their journey.

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They also develop feelings for each other. Cornelia and Eli's love story was wonderful that it wrenched the hearts of the viewers to watch them part ways at the end of the series. Moreover, during Chaske's interview with Screenrant, he said that he had fun working with Emily. He gave a positive response to Emily. They used to rehearse via zoom weeks before filming started. And once they arrived on location, they spent a lot of time talking about the scenes and practicing. He is glad that he got to act with Emily as a partner. 

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Chaske Spencer with his onscreen partner Emily Deck

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