Helen Hunt

Gathering both the experience of working on screen as well as behind the cameras, American actress Helen Hunt is one of the most loved celebrities. 

In the '90s, Helen Hunt was everywhere from small to big screens. She is famous for her notable performances in films like As Good as It Gets, The Sessions, Twister, Cast Away, Pay It Forward, What Women Want and so on.

Along with them, she also portrayed the role in long-running sitcom Mad About You because of which the world was mad about her. The hit series of 90’s Mad about you, revived back in the year 2019. 

Husband Of Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt began dating actor Hank Azaria in 1994. Their love story was taken to the next step by getting married.

After 5 years of dating, the duo tied the knot on 17 July 1999. Their wedding ceremony was conducted quietly at their Los Angeles home.

Sadly, their married life started to face complications. Only after 17 months of their marriage, the duo separated in the year 2000 and got divorced. 

Helen Hunt’s Boyfriend And Children

In the year 2001, Helen got into a relationship with her writer-producer boyfriend Matthew Carnahan. They seemed super in love and in the year 2004, the couple welcomed a baby girl named Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan into the world.

Helen Hunt and her daughter.

Despite their relationship was regarded so adorable, they had many off and on over the years but they stayed together because of their daughter. But the mutual love for their daughter also couldn't keep them together anymore. They had a very messy break up after 16 years of togetherness due to trust issues in the year 2017.

Helen Hunt And Paul Reiser's Relationship

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, age 56, are the stars of the hit and award-winning series, Mad About You. It was originally running on NBC from 1992 until 1999 picking up numerous Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser.

The revived version of the series, “Mad About You” reunited Helen with her old co-star Paul where they portray the role of a married couple in New York City who navigates the daily life’s struggle.

Helen plays Jamie Buchman a public relations specialist who is a wife to Paul's character also called Paul who is a documentary filmmaker. They even have a daughter named Mabel Buchman in the show which is portrayed by Abby Quinn.

As per real-life, Helen and Paul are very close friends and share good friendship bonds. They enjoy and care for each other so, they even have lunch once a month.

To the people who are wondering whether the duo is married in real life too, they are very close friends. Although Helen seems to be single for now, Paul is married to Paula Ravets since 1988. 

Salary And Net Worth Of Helen Hunt

Bagging three Golden Globe Awards, four Emmy Awards, an Oscar and Academy Award, Helen has a thriving career as an actress. Alongside acting, she is also a director and screenwriter.

With such talents, Helen has been able to muster whooping net worth of about $80 Million as of 2023. As per her salary, Helen earned $1 million per episode of “Mad About You,” which temporarily made her the highest-paid television actress in the world.

Bio Of Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt was born on 15 June 1963 to parents Jane Elizabeth and Gordon Hunt in Culver City, California. According to the wiki, her mother worked as a photographer while her father was a film, voice and stage director and acting coach.

Standing tall at the height of 5 feet and 7inches Helen had an interest in acting from a very young age.

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