Michele Morrone
Michele Morrone (Photo Source: Michele's Instagram)

Michele Morrone is an Italian actor best known for portraying Massimo Torricelli in Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes' 2020 sensual love drama 365 days. The film was an instant smash, and it has been announced that a sequel, 365 Days: This Day, will be released in 2022 and will star the same lead pair, Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka. Subsequently, Duetto, Medici, The Trial, and other ventures have helped to establish Michele as a notable performer across the world.

In the same way, Morrone is an accomplished singer, musician, model, and fashion designer. Initially, beginning his career in 2011 by playing the role of Riccardo in a web series called Second Chance, the actor has been able to gain huge success and is one of the highest-paid actors among the 365 days cast members. Hence, thriving in his professional and financial life, people often wonder about his family or heirs of Michele. Therefore, without further delay, let’s dive deeper into the performer's children.

How Many Kids Does Michele Morrone Have?

Michele Morrone, the 31-year-old heartthrob from 365 Days: This Day, claims to be single at the moment, despite having been linked to several well-known celebrities in the past. Nonetheless, Morrone's sole engagement to any woman that came to media attention, was his unsuccessful marriage to Rouba Saadeh, a well-known Italian-Lebanese fashion designer, and stylist who presently works as a graphic and fashion designer at Ellie SAAB Company.

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Wife of Michele Morrone.

Unlike many other marriages that end with bad blood between partners and fathers and mothers fighting for custody of their children, Michele and Rouba did not. In 2018, the couple divorced amicably, and Morrone decided that his two kids, Marcus Morrone and Brando Morrone, should live with their original mother, Saadeh. Not to add that, for the time being, the couple is co-parenting their children, with Rouba frequently posting photos of the trio of two sons and their father, Michele, enjoying the fun at the beach, spending quality time at home, and so on.

Children of Michele Morrone

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Marcus Morrone, the elder of Michele's two heirs, was born in 2014, and the actor first learned of his wife's pregnancy while he was in Rome and Rouba was in Lebanon. Michele's news of becoming a father was first delivered to him by his then-wife in the form of a letter with an ultrasound. Morrone was later blessed with his youngest son, Brando Morrone, while still married to Saadeh in 2017. So, his kid's ages are 8 and 5, respectively, but their exact birth dates are unknown. Similarly, based on the photos and videos uploaded by the pleased parents, Saadeh and Morrone, their two kids appear to have received the best characteristics from their father and mother.

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