Mia Healey and Erana James
Mia Healey and Erana James (Photo Source: Mia's Instagram)

Erana James is a New Zealand actress who is best known for playing Toni Shalifoe in The Wilds, an ongoing American drama streaming television series developed by Sarah Streicher for Amazon Prime Video. Erana was romantically linked to fellow actress Mia Healey in the same series.

Toni, despite some of the truths about her background, strikes an instant and deep relationship with Shelby Goodkind, played by Mia Healey. In addition, it was discovered that the on-screen pair had a real-life apartment together. As a result, people were increasingly curious about whether the famed lesbian pair was romantically related in real life. Let's get started on the subject right now.

Are Mia Healey And Erana James Dating In Real Life?

Many people first assumed that The Wilds, an Amazon Prime Video drama series that launched on December 11, 2020, was just another program about a group of adolescent girls being abandoned on a deserted island, similar to many previous shows with shallow stories and situations. The Wilds, on the other hand, became a surprise smash of the season, because of its survival instincts and flawless portrayal of LGBTQ+ in the series.

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Erana James

Apart from the series itself, the primary lesbian pair, Mia Healey and Erana James were one of the most talked-about topics. Mia and Erana's transformation from adversaries to lovers made drama viewers fall in love with them right away. Furthermore, the actresses admitted to sharing an apartment throughout the production of The Wilds season 1, fueling speculation that Mia and Erana are real-life partners. They've also spoken to each other on Instagram Live several times.

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Erana James

A fan once questioned if they were dating in real life. After a long pause, Healey said,

"Maybe a little bit." James said, "I do love you." Then Healey said, "You better!"

Nonetheless, it appears that the actors are merely close friends in real life, as they said in an interview with CinemaBlend that they had no clue they would be part of an LGBTQ+ romance when they initially joined the group.

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In addition, James related an amusing anecdote about Healey texting a guy on her phone in an interview. Finally, Healey and James, the on-screen couple, are said to be good friends who collaborate. The actresses, on the other hand, have not verified their sexuality and are now single and without a girlfriend or boyfriend. Nevertheless, with season 2 of The Wilds igniting more romantic scenes and understanding as a couple of Healey and James, fans are still hopeful that they will turn from friends to partner one day in real life.

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