Dominic Roque
Dominic Roque (Photo Source: Dominic's Instagram)

Dominic Roque is a Filipino actor most known for appearances in Aryana and May Isang Pangarap. In addition, Dominic began his career as a model in the business, appearing in several endorsements and commercials before transitioning to acting. Similarly, he made his acting debut in the 2010 soap serial Habang May Buhay. ABS-Star CBN's Magic Talents now manages Roque.

The actor from the 2013 horror movie "Rico," Dominic Roque, is in an open relationship with fellow actress Bea Alonzo. Thriving in his professional career, people often wonder about the family background of Dominic. Thus, without further ado, let's take a quick stroll in the family, parents, and siblings of Dominic Roque.

Who Are Dominic Roque Parents?

As for the parents, Dominic's mother, Lena Roque, is a homemaker and takes care of everything in the household. Whereas Roque's father, Anthony Sr. Roque, is a businessman and a company president by profession, growing up, the Roque family never had to worry about the basic needs. Similarly, as both of the actor's parents are from the Philippines, Dominic holds Filipino nationality and Asian ethnicity. Like any other child, Roque often credits his mom and da for his success in life.

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Who Are Dominic Roque Siblings?

Almost every media outlet reports that Dominic Roque's sole brother is Anthony Roque Jr. However, a recent photo uploaded by the actor on Instagram on the auspicious day of Mother's Day, on May 9, 2021, made fans wonder if Dominic has other two siblings, Lhean Roque (brother) and Iah Roque (sister) since they were seen posing together as a family.

Dominic Roque

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Nevertheless, his siblings Lhean and Lah were not only seen on Dominic's Instagram but also on Anthony Jr's Instagram. Whenever Anthony Jr. posted a family picture, it consisted of 6 members in total. So, we assume that Dominic grew up alongside 3 siblings.

Is Beth Tamayo And Dominic Roque Siblings?

While many got confused due to the similar surname of the actors, the media even speculated that they might be siblings in real life. But, later, it was confirmed that Beth is Dominic's aunt from his father's side, and the aunt and nephew are quite close. Moreover, both Beth Tamayo and Dominic are well-known and influential actors in the Philippines; this ability may flow in the family.

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Dominic Roque

Nonetheless, Roque's aunt remarked regarding his current connection with fellow actress Bea Alonzo. According to a Pep report, Beth said she is up to date on her nephew's love life. Furthermore, Beth Tamayo believes Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo's silence amid allegations regarding their true score is a "mature manner" to handle things. Also, it is said that the beautiful actress, Bea, even congratulated Beth on her pregnancy, to which she thanked her back humbly.

Is Dominic Roque Family Rich?

According to the sources, the Roque family is immensely affluent. As the family's leader, Dominic's father, Anthony must have brought quite an astounding amount of riches to the family as a businessman president. Aside from that, Dominic's aunt, Beth Tamayo, is a reputable and well-known actress who has been in the profession for a long time.

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Although Dominic has not spoken about his family's financial situation, it is assumed that he comes from an aristocratic and wealthy family owing to his expensive lifestyle. Furthermore, the actor owns Black Peak Hypermedia, a digital marketing and social media management firm. According to the wiki, Dominic has $1 million as his net worth.

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