Jenna Coleman
Jenna Coleman (Image Source: Jenna's Instagram)

Jenna Louise Coleman professionally known as Jenna Coleman is an English actor well-recognized for her appearance in the British soap opera called Emmerdale and as Clara Oswald in the British science fiction TV show called Doctor Who. Doctor Who is one of the longest and oldest British TV shows from where many actors have raised such as Peter Davidson, Matt Smith, Jodie Whittaker, and more. She has also starred in many movies including blockbuster movies such as Captain America: The First Avenger released in 2011, and Me Before You released in 2016.

Now in 2022, she will be starring in the Netflix fantasy drama TV show called The Sandman as Johanna Constantine. However, she rose to fame after she played Queen Victoria, which shows the reign of the British monarch and Empress of India. She researched the British Monarchs and Victorian history to play Queen Victoria. There are many exciting projects, she will be doing in the upcoming years, Jenna will be playing the lead role of Joan Bright and would be an executive producer of the historical drama series called The War Rooms. The show is about the women who worked in the Secret Whitehall bunker of Winston Churchill during World War 2.

Is Jenna Coleman Married?

Jenna Coleman has not yet tied the knot of marriage. However, she was spotted spending time with her new partner and movie director Jamie Childs. Jenna and Jamie have been dating for a few months now, they were spotted outside her £2.2 million house while she was moving there. Both are working together where Jamie is the director of the shoe The Sandman and Jenna play the lead character detective Johanna Constantine.

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Jenna Coleman with Jamie Childs

The rumors about their dating started after her breakup with Tom Hughes, her co-star in the ITV show Victoria. Jenna dated Tom Hughes for about four years before they split and are now good as friends. Tom played the role of the on-screen husband of Jenna when they worked together at the drama show Victoria. Jenna was even rumored to have a relationship with Price Harry, British Royal Family Member in 2015, they were spotted together at a polo event at Audio Polo. Although the rumor was in fact not confirmed.

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Did Jenna Coleman Have A Baby?

Jenna Coleman does not have any children yet. Jenna is a very convincing actress, and her acting on TV in the show The Cry, where her character an Australian mother’s son goes missing during a trip. Her role influenced the viewers, and they thought she in real life was a mother. She was not and she has talked in an interview about how wrong she felt doing the role as she was not even a real mother to understand the emotions of losing kids. But she did not give up and emailed lots of parents and friends asking questions which was a great help for her. As for herself, she thinks it’s not the time for her to be a mother yet.

Jenna Coleman as Johanne Constantine on The Sandman

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