James Pendergrass
James Pendergrass (Image Source: James’s Instagram)

James Pendergrass is an American actor, model, basketball player and social media personality who mostly recognized for his appearance in the Netflix show Too Hot to Handle season 4. "Too Hot to Handle" is a reality TV show that premiered on Netflix in April 2020. The show features a group of young, attractive singles from around the world who are brought together in a luxurious villa for a chance to win a cash prize of $100,000.

However, there's a twist - the contestants are not allowed to engage in any sexual activity with each other, including kissing, without risking losing money from the prize fund. The show is known for its dramatic moments, conflicts, and unexpected twists, as the contestants navigate their feelings and attempt to win the grand prize. The first season of "Too Hot to Handle" was a major success for Netflix, leading to the release of a second season in June 2021, followed by a third season in August 2021.

Who Is James Pendergrass?

James Pendergrass was born on 18 February 1999 in Oahu, Hawaii, US. James has kept the identity of her parents a secret; he is a follower of Christianity and was brought up in that environment. He was sent to a local high school in Hawaii to complete his primary education and later joined the University of Hawaii to complete his graduation. He also played basketball matches in his college year.

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What Are James Pendergrass Career Peaks?

James Pendergrass is a social media star and television personality who gained most of his notoriety from his participation in the reality series Too Hot to Handle. James, a former basketball player, is now a successful model, actor, reality show TV star, and social media personality. Additionally, he received approaches from several brands via his social network. But James gained enormous renown after being selected to compete in Too Hot to Handle, a Netflix series. He received acclaim for his tenacity in holding onto the prize money from the competition.

James Pendergrass at Too Hot to Handle

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James posted gaming and bodybuilding videos on his social media in 2021. He then began gaining more fans and clients to work as a model for. James started working on his bodybuilding routine at a young age and started looking for business opportunities in the same industry. He initially began to create videos and post them on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. From there, he began to gain admirers and followers.

How Much Is James Pendergrass Net Worth?

James Pendergrass has an approx. net worth of $500k to $700k, with the primary source of his earnings being his salary earned as an actor, model, and fitness enthusiast. James lives in a luxurious house and owns a BMW car along with a mansion in Hawaii.

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