Jocko Sims
Jocko Sims (Image Source: Jocko’s Instagram)

Jocko Sims is a well-known American TV personality and actor well-recognized for his appearance in the medical drama called New Amsterdam. He plays the character of Dr. Floyd Reynolds who is head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Division. He plays another medical character on the drama show called The Resident Dr. Ben Wilmot. Jocko went to the School of Theatre, film, and TV at UCLA to learn drama and acting. Now he is a successful actor, director, and producer.

Jocko made his first debut screen appearance in a guest role of Lionel Royce in the American crime drama show called Cold Case in 2004. After four years in 2008, He got the chance to be cast in the main cast of the drama show called Crash as Anthony Adams. However, one of his memorable characters on screen is Michael Thomas, brother-in-law of NCIS series director Leon Vance in 2012. As a director, Jocko debuted with a play called Apollo Night LA which is about youngsters and their dilemmas.

Who Are Jocko Sims Parents?

On February 20, 1981, Jocko Sims was born to Jackie Sims and Karen Sims in Houston, Texas, USA. Jocko has not disclosed any details about his family members. His parents have been a constant support in his and his younger sister’s life. Jocko went to James Madison High school to complete his early education. Jocko decided early in his life to pursue acting as a career and did courses accordingly to sharpen his skill like enrolling at UCLA school theatre, film, and TV.

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Jocko Sims with his mother

Is Jocko Sims Married?

Jocko Sims is not married to anyone, so he does not have a wife. He prefers his own company and is not interested in having a romantic relationship. Jocko is very silent when it comes to sharing any information about his romantic life. He has not revealed his past relationship or confirmed any rumors or fan-made speculations. In 2019, there was a tweet by Jocko where he answers someone asking if he has any valentines. Jocko replied by saying he was anti-relationship because of his past bad experiences.

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Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynold on the show New Amsterdam

The only love interest we have seen in New Amsterdam is his on-screen relationship with his wife Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery), head of the Emergency Department. Now he has found a new partner on the show, Director Evie Garrison played by Margot Bingham. His character Dr. Floyd has difficulty keeping his marriage intact with his on-screen wife Lauren played by Janet Montgomery. Janet is an English actor recognized for starring in the action-drama show called Human Target which ran from 2010 to 2011.

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