Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly with her husband (Image Source: Megyn's Instagram)

Megyn Marie Kelly, also known as Megyn Kelly, is an American conservative journalist and media personality who has won numerous accolades and was included in the Times’s List of the 100 Most influential people in 2014. Megyn rose to fame from her duration as a host and correspondent with Fox News from 2004 to 2017 and as a host and correspondent with NBC News from 2017 to 2018. Currently, Megyn hosts a talk show and podcast called The Megyn Kelly Show that airs live on SiriusXM.

Is Megyn Kelly Still Married?

Megyn Kelly has spent most of her life on TV, even though her career requires her to be in the media 24/7; she prefers to keep her personal life and family away from the media. Megyn has been married twice, her first husband, Dr Daniel Kendall, was an anesthesiologist. Megyn and Daniel met each other in 1997 when she was still working as an attorney while he was a third-year medical student.

Megyn Kelly with her husband, Douglas 

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Both started dating and were in a relationship for about 4 years before deciding to get married in September 2001. However, after staying in a healthy relationship, Daniel and Megyn ended their marriage and got divorced in 2006 because of different priorities at that time. Daniel wanted to have children and start a family, whereas Megyn was not yet ready for it. In an Interview, Daniel said that he was probably not enough for the emotional support Megyn needed at that time and when their personalities collided, it was better to get separated in a mutual decision.

Who Is Megyn Kelly Married To?

Megyn Kelly met her partner, Douglas Brunt, a year after getting divorced from her first husband. Megyn and Douglas got married to each other in March 2008 in a small wedding ceremony in Huntington, New York. Her husband is a former CEO of Authentium, a tech company, and now is a full-time writer and novelist. He has published many novels, including, Ghosts of Manhattan, The Means: A Novel, and Trophy Son: A Novel.

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Megyn and Douglas met each other on a blind date set by her two best friends. On the date, Megyn said it was his personality that won her heart; Douglas came across as sincere, clever and had a great sense of humour. On New Year’s Eve 2008, Megyn and Douglas were walking her two dogs, and he lost control of one of the leashes; one of her dogs almost got hit by a car.

Megyn Kelly with children

That event led to a huge argument and a breakup among them, but ten days later, Douglas bought a fake ring and proposed to her on a bench by the sea in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Megyn and her spouse have been married since then and also are parents to three children. Their son named, Edward Yates Brunt was born on September 2009, Thatcher Bray Brunt was born on July 2013, and a daughter named Yardley Evans Brunt was born on April 2011.

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