Mimi Morris
Mimi Morris (Photo Source: Mimi's Instagram)

Mimi Morris is a Vietnamese actress and socialite who rose to international prominence after being named the new face of the second season of the American reality television show Bling Empire. The actress, who was first presented as Christine Chiu's friend, has amassed a massive following thanks to her opulent lifestyle and impeccable fashion sense. We can expect Mimi to feature in the program alongside Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Anna Shay, Kim LeeDorothy Wang, and others.

In the same way, Morris moved to the United States to escape poverty following a difficult life in Vietnam with her other seven siblings. She is currently a successful model, actress, philanthropist, and businesswoman. In contrast, people often ask about Mimi's personal life, particularly her marriage, despite her professional success. So, without further ado, let's take a brief look at Mimi's partner's information.

Who Is Mimi Morris’ Husband?

Mimi Morris, 52, is presently married to her long-term partner, Donald Morris or Don Morris, a businessman who created the Morris Group International, a multi-million dollar firm. The company was originally known as the Acorn Engineering Company, but it was changed in 2012 to better reflect the company's numerous sectors and product lines. Morris Group International is now in charge of producing goods for non-residential markets.

Mimi Morris

On the other hand, Mimi has been with her spouse for more than two decades, and the two celebrated their tenth marriage anniversary on July 12, 2021, according to an Instagram post by the actress. The couple has three children during their decade-long relationship. Furthermore, there has been little information accessible concerning Don and Mimi's wedding, but given that Don has always inherited his father's lucrative firm, the ceremony must have been lavish. Similarly, the pair of Mimi and Donald have been inseparable since they met, despite their 22-year age difference. Moreover, they have a $1 billion joint net worth.

Mimi Morris

In the case of Mimi Morris, she is a courageous and outspoken woman who is unconcerned about being represented and expressing her narrative about her early life and challenges on national television. Similarly, when asked about her marriage, the actress said: "I think most people thought I was pushing Don to marry me but no, I didn't want to marry him. I was already divorced once so I didn't want to make that mistake one more time but Don wanted it. He was asking 'will you marry me' every day. So he finally convinced me to say yes." Meanwhile, the media discovered that Mimi was previously engaged to someone else before she met Don, much to the dismay of many, but Mimi has not divulged the identity of her prior boyfriend. Don and Morris are currently residing in an $8.8 million property in California with their family.

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