Mimi Morris
Mimi Morris (Photo Source: Mimi's Instagram)

Mimi Morris is a Vietnamese actress who is most known for appearing in season 2 of the American reality television series Bling Empire, which debuted on Netflix on May 13, 2022. Mimi appears in the series alongside Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Dorothy Wang, Guy Tang, and Jamie Xie, to mention a few. In addition, the actress has appeared in performances such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Vu Khac Tiep, and others in her hometown, and she likes to dress in designer labels, particularly Chanel.

Similarly, many people are unaware that, despite her current wealth, Mimi hails from a modest family and even grew up in Vietnam during the height of the war. As a result, many people have felt a connection to Mimi as a regular person rather than a billionaire after hearing her tale. Do you know anything about the socialite's personal life, though? We'll discuss Mimi's kids today, without delay.

How Many Children Does Mimi Morris Have?

Mimi Morris, the participant in season 2 of Bling Empire, is now married to Donald Morris, the CEO of Morris Group International, a company that specializes in producing construction or building projects such as stainless steel toilets, designed plumbing, and drainage products, and so on, according to sources. The pair has been together for more than ten years and are blessed with two sons and one daughter.

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Mimi Morris

In precise, Huy Tran, their eldest kid, was born on November 21, and Huy was celebrating his 25th birthday in 2020, according to an Instagram post made by Mimi on his birthday. As a result, he is 26 years old in 2021. Unlike his parents, Tran avoids the limelight and isn't active on social media, making it tough to track down information about his whereabouts. He is, however, frequently photographed on Morris' Instagram account.

On the other hand, Hannah Oquist, Mimi and Donald's single daughter and second child, was born on September 28, according to an Instagram post by her friend, Queenie Duong, on September 28, 2020. Hannah's precise date of birth, however, is unknown. In another scenario, Oquist is a married woman with a daughter called Scarlett Rose Oquist. Despite the lack of information about her spouse, she appears to be residing with her family in Lake Arrowhead, California.

Mimi Morris

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Skyler Morris, Mimi's youngest child, was born on September 17, 2013. So he's eight years old. Many people were surprised as to why Skyler and his siblings had such a huge age gap, which Morris later explained was due to her feeling that her house had become barren and she had nothing to do outdoors after her two children left for college. As a result of her boredom, Mimi asked her husband Donald if he wanted or planned to have another child. Meanwhile, the actress received her husband's approval quickly, and they gave birth to a gorgeous son, Skyler, who once aided his parents in the Bling Empire. Morris currently resides in an $8 billion estate in California's gated enclave of Strand at Headlands with her husband and children.

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