David Brooks

“We don’t become better because we acquire new information. We become better because we acquire better love. We don’t become what we know. Education is a process of love formation. When you go to school, it should offer you new things to love.” ― David Brooks, The Road to Character

The Canadian born American journalist David Brooks is the master of all. He is a writer, a journalist, a social analyst, and a leading politician.

Currently, he is writing for “The New York Times” staying at Washington DC, USA. He is a very brilliant observer of society who can present all situations in his writings. He also works as a commentator for PBS NewsHour and on National Public Radio. 

Married Life With Second Wife!

When it comes to the love life of David Brooks, he is lucky enough to find the love of his life even at the age of 50. On April 30, 2017, on Sunday, David got married to his lover Anne Snyder, who is his former research assistant. 

Anne is 23 years his junior and is now working as a freelance writer. She is also a director of a Houston, Tex., non-profit initiative. Despite having so much of an age gap, Anne and David have so much of love in-between them. 

David Brooks With Wife

David and his wife Anne had their first date in 2016. Before that, they used to exchange several emails on topics like St. Augustine and Dorothy Day.

Although it was the first marriage of Anne, her husband David was a divorced man. Before Anne, David was married to his ex-wife Sarah Brook.

First Marriage & Children

David met Sarah during their University days in Chicago. Eventually, they fell in love and exchanged wedding vows in a Unitarian church. In the beginning, Sarah's name was Jane but three years into their marriage, she changed herself to Judaism. Along with that, she also changed her name to Sarah.

Even after 27 years of togetherness, David and Sarah did not found each other to be compatible partners so they got separated. They were married in 1986 and got divorced in 2014. After the split, he moved to an apartment in DC.

David and his estranged wife have three children together.

David Brook's Childhood

David was born in an educated family on August 11, 1961, in Toronto, Canada. His father was an English literature professor at New York University and his mother had studied nineteenth-century British history in Colombia. 

David, who is hardworking since his childhood days, has always been confused about his religion. He calls himself "a wandering Jew and a very confused Christian.”

How Much Is His Net Worth?

David has earned his net worth all by his work in the field of writing and journalism. He is believed to have assembled his net worth in millions as a commentator for The New York Times. He also received his salary as an op-ed editor for The Wall Street Journal. He even worked as a film critic for The Washington Times and a senior editor at The Weekly Standard.

David obtained his bachelor’s degree in Arts from the University of Chicago in 1983. Just after the completion of the university, he got connected to City News Bureau as a police journalist. His experience as a police reporter has even brought changes in his personality.

Now, he is also engaged as a professor at Yale University and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Before coming into news reporting and commentary he struggled by writing articles for several magazines. He supports the freedom of everyone. such as same-sex marriage. He is very known for the op-ed columnist at New York Times since 2003.

In 2004, he decided to establish an award to honor the best political and cultural journalism of the year. He has been awarded several awards and has received several degrees from Universities like Williams College, New York University, and Occidental College, etc.

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