Stormy Buonantony
Stormy Buonantony and her husband-like partner Cristopher. (Photo Credit: Cristopher Instagram)

ESPN/Sec Network reporter Stormy Buonantony was born and raised in Las Vegas, playing and watching every sport in the book from basketball to bowling. Her passion for sports from an early age led her to pursue a career in journalism. She began her journalism career in the Mountain West where she was trained as a “one-man band” and use to cover all 18 league men's and women's sports.

As of now, Stormy can be seen as the lead host for “My Guys in the Desert,” a national sports betting program of VSIN which airs Monday through Friday. Furthermore, she is also a college football sideline reporter for ESPN.

Flourishing the rise in the height of her career, Stormy’s fans are curious to know more about her starting with her real name. Famous with the name “Stormy”, many people wonder “What is Stormy Buonantony real name?”, but the answer is simple as Stormy is actually her real name. Furthermore, being a complete blend of talent and beauty fans assume Stormy to be taken and married. So, "is Stormy actually married and taken, or is it just a speculation?", let’s find out!

Is Stormy Buonantony Married?

Well, if you follow the astounding reporter on her social media then you may be aware that Stormy is not married but is indeed relishing a wonderful relationship with her boyfriend Cristopher Normandt. However, as the pair share relationship like that of husband and wife, many speculate her boyfriend to be her husband.

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From spending vacations together to watching games and living together, Stormy and her partner Cristopher’s love seems to grow with each passing year. The pair never hesitates to document their wonderful moments and journey together in their social media account. 

Stormy Buonantony boyfriend.

Moreover, although the pair openly flaunt their relationship, it is unclear when they began dating. However, it is known that they began appearing on each other’s Instagram in late November 2015. As we go through their pictures, their relationship seems to have initially started with friendship. 

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Who Is Stormy Husband-Like-Partner Cristopher Normandt?

Stormy’s boyfriend Cristopher is a 2012 graduate of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington who later earned an associate’s degree in “Intelligence Operations Studies” from Cochise College. Likewise, Christopher again earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2017 from American Military University.

Cristopher’s professional journey began in April 2013 after he was enrolled as a “Human Intelligence Collector” for US Army. After gathering 3 years of experience as an intelligence collector, Christopher then joined as a “Threat Analyst” in Pinkerton National Detective Agency which was an Army out processing internship. Likewise, after 5 months of working as a “Threat Analyst” (March 2016- July 2016), Cristopher then joined McCarthy Tire Service as Operations Manager in November 2016. 

Stormy Buonantony with her husband-like partner.

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Similarly, Cristopher then joined Cintas Corporation in April 2019 as Service Supervisor. Initially, he worked as a service supervisor in Cintas of Charlotte, North Carolina then from September 2019 to November 2019 he worked as a service supervisor in Cintas of Las Vegas, Nevada. Correspondingly, he was then promoted as “Market Development Representative” of Cintas, Las Vegas, Nevada from November 2019 to March 2021. As of now, Christopher Normandt works as Mortage Loan Originator at the Planet Home lending, Las Vegas which he joined back in August 2021.

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