Chandler DuPont
Chandler Dupont (Photo Source: Chandler's Instagram)

Chandler Dupont is an American actress best known for her roles as Olivia in the 2018 drama film ‘The Player Box,’ Nicki in the 2020 drama film ‘Charm City Kings,’ and Clean in the 2020 crime drama. Chandler is a skilled model in addition to being a professional actor. Even though Dupont has only been in the profession for a short time, she has worked with legends such as Denise Richards, Glenn Flesher, and Meek Mill, to mention a few.

How Old Is Chandler Dupont?

Chandler Dupont’s birthday has not been confirmed by the actress; therefore, determining her real age is difficult. On the other hand, Dupont took it to Instagram on January 15, 2019, when she posted a picture with the comment,

“Today ya’ll can finally call me a teenager.”

Many media outlets anticipate Chandler will be 15 years old as of now. Her nationality is also American; however, she is descended from French people. Similarly, her given name is Chandler Ari Dupont.

Chandler Dupont

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On the other hand, Chandler is adored by her parents since she has been a loving child since she was a youngster. Similarly, she was reared in the United States of America by her family. The Dupont family is frequently spotted on holidays in foreign countries. Despite the fact that many sources suggest Chandler hails from a rich family, no claims have been made. Furthermore, Dupont is a beautiful mixture of her mother and father, as she wonderfully merges the beauty of her parents’ African-American ancestry. Furthermore, Chandler has an older sister, Jordan Dupont, who appears identical to her sister at times.

Who Is Chandler Dupont?

Chandler Dupont is a stunning woman with tremendous talent and charm. She is currently one of the most anticipated actors. Looking at the actress’s physiques, we can see that she has a rectangular-shaped figure, stands 5 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs roughly 60 kg. Dupont’s most distinguishing characteristic is her dimple, and every time she smiles, she makes everyone around her happy. She has long black hair that is intertwined and black doe eyes.

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Furthermore, Dupont has been credited 3 roles so far. In the 2018 movie Prayer Box, Chandler portrayed the role of Olivia. Similarly, she has shared the screen with William Catlett, Teyonah Paris, and Jahi Di’Allo Winston in the 2020 crime-based drama “Charm City Kings.” Meanwhile, even though the actress is barely in her 20s, the on-screen chemistry of Dupont and Jahi was liked by many fans.

Chandler Dupont

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Chandler has also portrayed the character of Dianda in the current drama TV series Clean. Chandler’s most anticipated project of all time was “Clean,” which features a terrific tale about a garbage collector. Not to add that this production is helmed by an Academy Award winner, Paul Solet. As of 2022, the character Dianda is gaining a lot of attention since the main character; Brody is observed having flashbacks of his lost daughter through Dianda.

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