Chandler Dupont
Chandler Dupont (Photo Source: Chandler's Instagram)

In today's world, almost everyone can showcase their talent despite being criticized at some point by people. Nowadays, the motion picture has been a place where talent has been given more priority than visuals. Regardless, Chandler Dupont is a character who has succeeded despite being bullied for her skin color at a specific phase of her life.

Chandler Dupont is an African-American actress and model well-recognized as Olivia, a character played by Chandler in the 2018 film "The Prayer Box." Also, she has acted along with other significant actors like Meek Mill, William Catlett, Denise Richards, Glenn Flesher, etc.

How Old Is Chandler Dupont?

Chandler Dupont's birthday is still not revealed by the actress, but on January 15, 2019, she uploaded a photo on Instagram with the caption,

Today ya'll can finally call me a teenager?

Thus, it is predicted that Chandler DuPont's age is 15 years old now as of 2021. Likewise, Dupont's nationality is American, but she also comprises French descendants. Her birth name is Chandler Ari DuPont.

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Chandler Dupont family.

Similarly, Her parents have loved Chandler since she was very young, and they have always supported their daughter's dream of acting. Dupont's father and mother belong to African and American ethnic backgrounds, and they have two daughters, Chandler Dupont (youngest) and Jordan Dupont (eldest). 

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Is Chandler Dupont Highly Educated?

Even though Chandler Dupont hasn't disclosed information about her academic field, it is still evident that she is focusing on studies and career side by side. She posted a picture wearing a beautiful red dress on Instagram on October 7, 2019, captioning it with "homecoming 2019."

When Did Chandler Dupont Start Her Career?

As of 2021, Dupont has done 3 movies so far; still, her popularity is only increasing, and she is being well-praised in modeling as well as in Hollywood. Her debut movie was "The Prayer Box" in 2018, where she portrayed the role of Olivia and the movie depicted the meaning of friendship very precisely. In 2020 she acted the role of Nicki in the movie "Charm City Kings," directed by Angel Manuel Solo. It was seen that the dirt-bike scene from Charm City Kings was really similar to the scene in the documentary 12 O'Clock boys, which caused a fuss among viewers. But later, it was found that Solo, the director, had already informed to media that his movie was indeed based on the documentary.

Chandler Dupont

Among many others, Dupont has been the model for different brands, but she has a long way to go, which she can achieve obviously as she is still young. For the time being, the most popular project of Chandler is "Clean," whose trailer revolves around Adrian Brody, released in 2021, has made the fans already too excited.

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Is Chandler Dupont Dating Anyone?

Chandler Dupont is only in her teenage, so it is evident that with all the success that she is enjoying, she cannot even think about having a boyfriend. However, her on-screen pair with Jahi Diallo Winston in Charm City Kings was adored by many. Some even wish them to do future projects together or date each other. Moreover, Dupont uploaded a photo with Winston on September 29, 2018, making the fans anticipate more from the two.

Chandler Dupont boyfriend.

What Is The Net Worth Of Chandler Dupont?

Chandler Dupont hasn't participated in many projects, but she has already been remembered as one of the rising stars in the film industry. Also, her net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 approximately. Of course, major of her income comes from being a professional actress and model, but it is evaluated that with her new projects coming on, Dupont's net worth will only keep on increasing.

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How Tall Is Chandler Dupont?

Chandler Dupont stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches which is around (1.65m). Talking about her weight, she weighs around 60 kg. Also, Dupont's most unique feature is her dimple, and whenever she smiles, she makes people around her happy. She has long black hair interlaced to one another and black doe eyes.

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