Kelly Mi Li
Kelly Mi Li (Photo Source: Kelly's Instagram)

Equality and inclusion have played a significant role in transforming the nation's negative characteristics in this modernized culture. We can always see or hear about rallies in public areas and social media awareness campaigns that have helped to eradicate prejudice not just based on cultures, class, and religion, but also based on sexuality and gender. Women have increasingly come forward and given equal competition to men from various origins and provided an example for young girls not to remain oppressed. Kelly Mi Li is one of several role models for women's emancipation.

Kelly Mi Li is a Chinese-American actress and entrepreneur, who in recent days is widely known for taking part in the Netflix reality television series called Bling Empire as a producer and aspirant. In the show, Kelly was noted for keeping positive relationships with her co-stars Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, Kim Lee, Anna Shay, Guy Tang, Jaime Xie, and Christine Chiu, to name a few. Similarly, the star likes studying East Asian culture and politics, eating food, watching television and film, painting, and discovering modern arts, in her leisure time.

How Old Is Kelly Mi Li?

Kelly Mi Li’s birthday is on November 13, and she was born in 1985, in Kunming, the capital city and enormous city of Yunnan province, China. So, her age is 36 years. Born on November 13, her zodiac sign is Scorpio and her nationality is Chinese-American. In addition, Kelly belongs to the Asian ethnicity and follows Christianity as her belief.

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Kelly Mi Li

In the same way, Li’s mom left her well-settled medical career in China and got a post at the University of Illinois to provide boundless opportunities for her daughter. Hence, the mom-daughter duo relocated to Chicago where Kelly spent most of her childhood. As per the sources rely on, Kelly’s parents whose identity has remained hidden, divorced when she was young, and the entrepreneur was raised by her single mom. Further, Mi Li has a close bond with her maternal grandmother. Now, Kelly lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Is Kelly Mi Li Highly Educated?

As per the academic training of Kelly Mi Li, she attended a local school in China and completed her high school with bright scores. Later, she enrolled at a university in the United States to complete her bachelor's.

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Is Kelly Mi Li Dating Anyone?

Primarily, the leading lady from Bling Empire, Kelly Mi Li was married to her lover, Lin Mao, a Chinese businessman who had bulky wealth. Surrounded by lavish gifts and assets, Li was living the dream of many girls when a mishap happened as her husband was proven blameworthy for cybercrime of American history and rushed from the law.

Additionally, the couple also was fined $168 million to be paid to the government. In November of 2014, the actress garnered the courage to file for divorce from Lin at the civil court in Los Angeles. Likewise, nearly after 6 months on May 11, 2015, Kelly was authorized to separate from her husband Lin Mao.

Kelly Mi Li

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Afterward, Mi Li was seen publically dating, her now ex-boyfriend, Andrew M. Gray, an American actor by profession. The couple was together for 5 long years and they even garnered attention after they appeared to be the power couple in Bling Empire. However, Kelly and her boyfriend, Andrew broke up in March of 2021 and they have decided to stay friends occasionally we see that they always talk good about each other in media outlets. Nonetheless, as of now, the Asian obsession of several, Kelly Mi Li is single without a partner.

Why Is Kelly Mi Li Rich?

Growing up as a submissive child, Kelly Mi Li knew the importance of hard work and the value of money. Hence, after reaching her adulthood, Kelly moved to New York City and soon started working as an insurance agent. In search of new business opportunities and high-paying jobs, the actress then landed in Los Angeles and tried her luck in the real estate and food and beverage industries. Along with it, Mi also took on a job as an executive recruiter at East-West Artists.

Having acquired a hefty wealth from her many ventures, the actress continued to invest in startups like Nature Box and MeUndies. Nonetheless, Kelly also outlaid her time and finance as a charity worker. She was declared the first international ambassador of Well Child (a charity opened by Prince Harry) and is currently serving as an active UNICEF advisory member where she is responsible for the necessary establishment of rules and infrastructures for the betterment of Chinese children.

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Kelly Mi Li

In contrast, in 2020, the entrepreneur, Kelly Mi Li debuted as a producer through a comedy movie called The Swing of Things. Moreover, in the same year, Li was confirmed as one of the producers of the crime drama film, Echo Boomers. Comparatively, as a creator, Kelly didn’t get much fame as her instant fame in Bling Empire.

The show got highly reviewed worldwide, but instead of her participation as a contender, Mi Li created headlines after she allegedly sued the Bling Empire’s production company because she wasn’t credited for the success and idea of the show to which she originally came up with. On the other hand, except for continuing her journey to season 2 of Bling Empire, the entrepreneur has also participated in other notable Tv shows and movies like Cypher, Split Milk, The Last Party, and so on. Therefore, according to the wiki, the net worth of Kelly MI Li is $5 million.

How Tall Is Kelly Mi Li?

The 36-year-old producer, Kelly Mi Li has a slim body type and she stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m, 167 cm) and weighs around 52 kg (114 lbs). Likewise, she has medium voluminous dark brown hair and brown eyes.

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